Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tidbits from This Afternoon #BB14

I had the live feeds on in the background today while I worked --it's really the last day of the live feeds, and the last day for the house guests to be in the backyard.  The Final Three has been outside for most of the day, and I am happy to say that everyone is acting relatively normal.

There has been constant chatter as they think about what is coming up tomorrow in the game, and also seeing their family and friends.  Ian rocked in the hammock almost the entire time, while Dan remained at his station standing in the pool.  Danielle was in or near the pool, and I think she laid on a towel for part of this.

I started jotting down bullet points of notable information, and ended up with a long list.  As usual, nothing is important, but every detail is interesting to someone, I'm sure.


*  Dan came out of the DR all hyped up, and when Ian also got called to the DR as he came back to the pool Dan started talking about what "troublemakers" they are, "trying to stir shit up".  Danielle wanted details about this, and Dan started telling her.  The problem was, they were both in the pool at this time, so they didn't have their microphones on.  BB didn't like it one bit, and warned Dan to STFU.  He ignored them, so we went to FISH until he finished speaking.  Obviously he thinks they were trying to tip Ian off about something not beneficial to Dan.  Ian wasn't in the DR very long, by the way.

*  Danielle knows some ex-football players from Alabama from her college days.  I think they are professional football players now, and at least one plays for the Falcons.  Dan peppered her with questions about this, and Danielle says she never dated any of them, but they do get together in big groups when they visit Alabama, or when she visits Atlanta.  One of them is Julio Jones.  I don't know who in the hell that is, but the name is great.  A good name for a puppy, I think.  Danielle helped Julio buy a necklace for his mother when she worked at the mall jewelry store.  She mentioned a few others, but their names must not have been as peppy as Julio Jones, because I don't remember them.

*  Ian was on a quiz show called Hometown HighQ.  It sounds like a local cable access show to me.  He and Dan both participated in academic teams in high school, solving equations and competing and other nerdy activities.

*  Danielle can't decide if she is going to sell her BB bag on Ebay or not.  They tease her about being the kind of person who will want to use it as a carry-on on airplanes.  Everyone thinks that would be cheesy, but Dan and Ian both say the size of the bag is perfect for that.  Ian also thinks it would make a good beach bag since it has some sort of insulation capacity in it to carry snacks or drinks.  If Danielle sells it, she does not want to sell her nametag, so Ian tells her to specifically mention this when she lists it for sale.

*  Dan jokes about "Vern from Wisconsin" who will buy all of Danielle's items on Ebay and roll around the bed on top of them.  Danielle is grossed out about this.  Dan explains that he used to tease Memphis during BB10 about Vern, saying that he was watching Memphis on the live feeds and was going to bid on all of his clothing and other items.  Dan has to explain to Danielle that Vern is a made-up person.  But then he and Ian agree that Danielle is more likely to have internet stalkers than Kara, since she appeared on the show for much longer.

(I will soon publish the top list of search terms that brought people to this website this year, and let's just say seeing Danielle nude was a popular google search.  Sorry Danielle.)

*  Dan teased Ian about going online to see Kara's Playboy issue.  Ian says he will definitely do that, but he won't order the issue from Playboy.  (Note that no one asked Dan what he was going to do, but you know 24 hours won't go by without him doing this.)  Ian is already excited about seeing Kara tomorrow night.  Danielle claims she "might look at the cover of Kara's magazine, but that's it".  (Liar!)

*  Ian is going to sell his dog suit on Ebay.  Danielle is going to sell her Candy Corn dress but they both tell her to wait until after Halloween so she can wear it.  There was a little hat that she was supposed to wear, but she had her hair in a bun and it wouldn't fit on her head.  She asked the DR if she could keep the hat anyway, even if she couldn't wear it that day.  I'm not sure what they said, but I think they told her no.

*  Danielle went in the restroom for a moment, and Dan asked Ian if he was nervous about tomorrow.  Ian said he was nervous to address everyone, and to plea for votes live on TV.  Dan asked him if Danielle "pitched him", and Ian said no, not since "several days ago when she said whoever cut her wouldn't get her vote".  (Ian, that happened last night. It may seem like several days ago, but it was last night.)

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*  Dan said his cooking skills have really ramped up this summer, and he can't wait to go home and cook new things for Chelsea.  Before now, he pretty much just grilled chicken, but feels he has new cooking skills now.  (Maybe due to Joe's influence?  I know Mike Boogie said he might start cooking for the first time in his life after learning tips from Joe, and probably Frank, too.)

*  Ian is going to have the last piece of chicken parmesan for lunch, but he's going to put it in the oven for a bit since it looked too raw.  He wants to go home and make "Quack Pack Tenders".  Dan says he can make them with duck and they all say "ewwww".

*  Dan says Chelsea plans all of their meals for the week and both Ian and Danielle seem impressed by that.  Every week they have Taco Tuesday and they both look forward to that.

*  They think all of their families have at least set off for the airport by now.  Dan tells them that they will all be at the same hotel, and there will be a van that takes them around.  Ian thinks his mom and dad will be there, leaving his brother Ryan at home.  Danielle thinks her "sister" Kristy will be there, and maybe her mom. They all think they will get to meet Frank's Nana.  Dan addresses Memphis and his wife Ashley to give them instructions on where to take his family, and we get FISH before he finishes the sentence.

*  Dan brings up JoJo SEVERAL TIMES today out of the blue.  I think he was thinking talking about whether she would bring her twin sister Lisa with her to the finale.  Dan is obviously obsessed with JoJo and is always talking about what a dirty girl she is.  At one point out of the blue he asks Ian, "what is it going to be like with two JoJos running around out here tomorrow night?"

*  Dan asks Ian if his brother Ryan will be partying while the folks are out of town for their LA visit.  Ian says he probably will be, and tells a story about when his parents visited his grandparents in Naples two years ago when Ryan was 17.  (Ian was at Tulane then.)  They planned their trip so that they would be gone only one weekend night, with the rest weekdays to limit the trouble that Ryan could get in.  The joke was on them, because there was a huge snowstorm in Pittsburgh and Ryan's school had three snow days  that week.  The kids all knew the storm was coming, so they had plenty of time to plan the party.  It was a huge blowout and Ryan ended up confessing to his parents.  Ian is aware that Ryan's friends use his bedroom and thinks at least two high school couples have had sex in his bed.  (Someone needs to, Ian.)

*  They discuss the Zingbot incident again, and Dan says that he and Mike Boogie were nearly crying from holding back laughter.  Dan didn't want to laugh and make Jenn mad.  (Jenn went to the Zingbot's rescue when she fainted, and took her to the DR to see the medic.  Jenn later said she was so happy to be around new people that she chattered the whole time with the medic about where he was from, etc.  I guess the Zingbot was verklempt.)  Dan started talking about how the Zingbot costume only has 4 vents, and we went to FISH.

*  Dan asked them what their favorite backyard daytime memories are from this summer.  Ian mentioned Betsy Ross and it turns out he meant when Kara wore an American flag bikini.  Danielle liked it "when they played that ball game" and Dan agreed.

The feeds have been displaying TRIVIA for almost 45 minutes now, but I'm sure they will be back up soon.  They have one more night of BBAD, so they have to come back at least by then, but the live feeds will likely end early tomorrow.  There will be a screen that says that, so we can go about our day without checking.  What will that be like, I wonder?

Here are two pictures I took earlier today, while they waited to be called to the HoH Room for their appearance on The Talk.

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