Saturday, September 8, 2012

The POV Competition is Over #BB14

And we see Dan chowing down with abandon, with a bare chest.  Ian and Shane are talking, and Dan is nodding along.  Dani is crying in the Arcade.  Jenn is not in view.

No idea who won yet.  Damn Dani's zit is huge.  I can't remember ever seeing Dan eat like this.  Like a savage.

Now Jenn walks through the room.  No one talks to her.  I heard Ian ask if "she heard them say that'.  Dani?  Did Dani hear them say something?

Ian says that Frank would have been a beast today.  Did Shane win?  Is that why Dani is crying?  Because Shane will save himself and she may go on the block?

Dan says he noticed that Britney would not talk about Kirstin or Rachel in the house.  (I noticed that too.)  And Dan says he doesn't understand why Rennie (BB10) went after Britney on Twitter.  Ian says Britney was imitating her, and Rennie didn't like it.

Jenn moves around in the bedroom.  Dani may need a medic for that forehead.

 Jenn gets in bed.  I'm thinking we can rule her out as the winner.

I will update when I learn who won...

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