Monday, September 3, 2012

The POV Ceremony is Over #BB14

and as expected Dan used the POV to save Jenn.  Also as expected, Ian pretended to be upset with Dan, and he put Joe on the block in Jenn's place.

Dan is outside telling Jenn that Ian's immaturity is his biggest flaw, and that this has hurt his social game.


The house is pretty quiet, considering...

Earlier, Frank and Joe talked about how it would suck to have to campaign against each other this week.  Frank joked with Joe that they should have a 1:00 am deadline every night, so they wouldn't have to stay up so late.

Now Frank reminds Joe about this.  Joe says that "Dan is an evil piece of fucking shit who hides behind the Bible---he hates those type of people".

Dan approached Jenn in the backyard and got her to confirm that she would vote Frank out.  She said she had no problem with that.

Jenn:  His work here is done.  It's time for him to go home.

Shane warns Danielle that Frank is going to be all over him this week for votes.  He says Frank already thinks he has Jenn's vote...

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