Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The LA Parties Rage On #BB14

One good thing about being evicted before Jury is you get to go out and get wasted with the Big Brother family.

You know it's going to be a scorcher when Wil and Kara are there.  The only normal-looking person in this picture is Wil's brother Chip.  

But don't worry, everyone arrived safely.  Why look who that's Jodi!  Yes that is the legend herself with Wil, Howie Gordon (BB6 & BB7) and the lovely Kara Monaco.

Now add James Rhine (BB6 & BB7) and Shannon Elizabeth (actress?) to the mix, and you've got something going.

The one and only Janelle was there, too.  Looking great is the best revenge, Janelle.

Supposedly, JoJo Spatafora was out and about,too, but I could find no photographic evidence of this.

And Kara will have some of her Playmate buddies there, too.  The Sarah that is in the following tweet is the girl who Shane Meaney has been giving shout outs to all summer.  She's on the G4 network and was the 2007 Playmate of the Year.  You just know Danielle is going to shit a brick over this..

Kara sold her Big Brother bag on Ebay for $380.  Ouch.

And speaking of Jodi, look how she describes herself on Twitter.  Wasn't she a server at TGI Fridays back in July?  That's very ambitious of her.  (Public Speaker?  Is that how the Dick at Nite panelists describe themselves now?)


  1. James Rhine! I have a soft spot (or should I say hard, haha, I know lame but true) for this guy. Loved him in both his seasons.

    And great to see Janelle looking fabulous as ever. (Btw I wonder if she likes Lana Del Rey? They're very similar in many ways.)

  2. Did you know that James is 6'5" or so? I had no idea, but how hot is that?

    Love me some tall men...

    1. Shane has mentioned Shannon Elizabeth several times as someone he thinks is "hot." Hmm...


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