Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Final Three Play Games #BB14

I guess Production got tired of the constant bitching and moaning about how bored everyone is, so they gave them some games today, and brought them a late lunch from In 'N Out Burger.  Dan was totally excited all day about it, and was disappointed that Ian and Danielle both pulled 'tudes about the toppings on their burgers, and picked stuff off.  Danielle even made an issue out of "not being able to finish her burger". 

(Bitch please.  No one thinks you are a dainty eater.)

I don't have pictures of that, but I do have a few snaps of them playing games today.

Jenga.  It was a good game.  Ian would rock back and forth like he always does, but then hold completely still while he pulled a wooden block from the bottom of the Jenga tower and load it up on the top.

Connect Four.

These are both good interactive games.  Some years they just get stuff like arts and crafts.  In BB4, Jun and Alison got a beading kit that they were excited about.  They were going to make bracelets and rings.  They spread everything out to get started. Then they discovered that the spool of wire they were given was too thick for the beads.  So nothing worked.  Those two bitches hated each other.  I'll bet the crew were laughing about that.  They probably did that on purpose.

At the present moment, Part Two of the Final HOH contest is underway.  Will Danielle or Ian prevail? 

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