Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Final Three on The Talk - Pre Finale #BB14

On Tuesday, we know the live feeds shut down, and the Final Three filmed some sort of interview.   I heard Ian discussing snuggies on BBAD, wondering if CBS would give him one.  I had no idea what they were talking about.

Now I do.

I just watched The Talk that aired on Wednesday (yesterday, on 9-19-12) and it was indeed taped on Tuesday.  And snuggies were indeed involved.

You can watch the episode on the CBS website.  Most of the show hyped the new season of Survivor, which aired just before the Big Brother finale.  I am also a Survivor fan, so I ended up watching the entire episode.  Julie Chen wore a Survivor buff as a tank top!  She wore tribal make up!  The Talk girls participated in a Survivor challenge!

Anyway the Final Three appeared on the show as you can see below.  All of the ladies wearing snuggies munched on popcorn while they talked to them.  The questions were the same old thing...did Danielle know Shane was going to get the boot (no), what is Ian going to do with the money if he wins (pay off school loans), and a question about Dan's lies (blah blah blah).  Dan did not plug his website (or if he did they cut it out) but he did mention Chelsea.  Of course.

Their segment is the last one, if you'd care to watch.

PS  I don't know if Julie Chen was trying to stereotype all of us BB fans, but I can assure her that I do not own a snuggie. 

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  1. Just a heads-up for anyone wanting to watch The Talk segment on that aired live today, the day after the finale, I had trouble finding where it was out of the ten topics they had. I had to watch TWENTY commercials to find it, and I'm not kidding. (Well, I didn't WATCH them, but yeah) It's at about minute 27 of the show and the segment only lasts 5 minutes. Not THAT interesting, but I was glad I saw it. Danielle is PISSED at Dan, haha


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