Friday, September 21, 2012

The Final Three on The Talk - Post Finale #BB14

The Final Three appeared on The Talk the day after Wednesday's live finale.  There was A LOT of tension after the finale, so I wanted to watch to see what's up.  If you want to see the Big Brother portion of the show, it starts at the 27 minute mark.  The shows are archived on and can be watched there.  You will have to watch a few commercials though---CBS has to get paid, yo. 

At the beginning of the show, Julie said that she saw a picture of Mariah Carey earlier in the week, and tried to copy her on the BB Finale.  Julie actually described herself as the "bitch stole my look girl."  

For the Big Brother segment, Ian came on stage first, waving to the audience and then having to hug the gauntlet of hosts.  The big lady at the end WOULD NOT let go of him and it was kind of embarrassing.  I was uncomfortable.  I don't even know her name, but I think she should be ashamed of herself, whoever she is.


Then Dan and Danielle came out together.  Dan tweeted that his wife Chelsea was sitting in the front row wearing a yellow shirt, but I don't think she got any camera time.  I guess she was there to supervise Danielle.   Once again, not a flattering dress on camera, huh?  Neither Dan nor Danielle was assaulted as they greeted the gauntlet of show hosts.

Ian said that coming out of the house was a bit of sensory overload, but he is enjoying it.  Julie gave him a challenge.  She mentioned that when he came into the Big Brother house, the producers found a piece of paper in his luggage that they confiscated.  It was Ian's strategy to win Big Brother.  They had it blown up on an easel, and she wanted him to describe the strategy in 30 seconds or less.

I found this very interesting.  Ian said on Week #1 he would watch the "Trihards" crash and burn.  (If you watched the first episode of Survivor Phillipines this week, that certainly played out there, huh?)

 He also wanted to build an alliance of five, and he went through his initial plan and correlated each of his planned alliance members with the members of the Quack Pack.  Dan was very interested in Ian's presentation.  I don't know about Dan, but this was certainly the first I've heard of Ian's pre-show plan.  His initial name for the alliance was "Outrageous Fun".

Then Dan got his obligatory question about all of his lying and cheating.  ***yawn***  Check out the puss on Danielle whenever Dan speaks.  Dan is always "on" when he speaks to a group like this and it keeps him from sounding sincere.  It's like an infomercial.  Dan was not allowed to plug his website or any of his books.  He did mention his wife's name, of course.

And then Danielle had to answer for probably the 10,000th time why she trusted Dan.  ***yawn***  They did not ask her about Shane.  I would have liked them to ask her about the Nurse Lie to see what Ian thought about that, but I guess they had to use their time wisely.  It was a pretty short segment.

Her make up was very pretty.  I'm guessing she shed her share of tears last night, so she looks pretty good, considering.  She should try to get some kind of shampoo commercial with that hair.  No one has real hair that long or beautiful anymore, so she should capitalize on that if she can.

Then Julie mentioned the snuggies that the hosts wore for the previous day's The Talk episode.  Julie tried to play the clip from the live feeds where Ian asked Dan if he thought they could get free snuggies.  We heard the clip, but saw different footage.  Julie brushed that off, but you just know that someone's ass is getting chewed for that.  Julie seemed to delight in pointing out that Dan said no...i.e. Dan was wrong. 

She explained that only 5 of those snuggies were made, but she is giving three of them to the Final Three, and passed the snuggie basket around for them to share.

So, if you would like your very own Big Brother snuggie, keep your eye on Ebay.  Just a guess.

And that was pretty much the end of that.

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  1. Awww! Thanks for posting about this. Already in BB withdrawal..
    Have you seen the CBS interviews? Man, Jeff is getting good at those. "Clownshoe... let's steer this back to you!" I just watched Dan's and am saving the other 2 for a bit.



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