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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 8 #BB14

This is my continuing coverage of the SuperPass BB14 Wrap Party, which was held the night after the Finale in Los Angeles.  The party coverage is about 3 1/2 hours long, so it has taken me some time to get through everything.  As Part 8 begins, there are only 45 minutes left, so this will be the last update.

As this segment begins, Spicy has just finished her interview with Shane and Danielle.  I think they were waiting on them to show up to start the "awards ceremony"  I think most of the BB14 castmembers who appeared earlier have left the building, since we last saw them hours ago  (Janelle, Dan, Ashley, Frank, etc.)  but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

You can see in the picture below that Shane is sitting on the right side of the stage, signing autographs, while on the left side Chelsea Hart is getting ready for the presentation.

They have a new DJ that is a girl.  She's playing Katie  Perry and seems to be doing a better job than the former DJ, who played the Eurythmic's Sweet Dreams TWICE during the party.  (TWICE!  And that song is from 1985?)   Where is Jenn City when you need her?

Chelsea is a Shot Caller at Real Networks, apparently.

Chelsea tries to bring the party to order, saying "only Big Brother house guests in the VIP section, and everybody else on the floor".  I notice Danielle standing behind her in the striped dress.  I don't think Danielle even went out in the crowd at all, and I can't say I blame her.  Can you imagine what a group of people drinking for over 3 hours would say to her?

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I think the BB house guests that are gathering are from prior seasons, too.  I see Kevin Campbell, and Dani Donato and Dominic Briones talking to Shane and Danielle.  (!)  There are Dominic and Shane talking over on the right side in the picture below.  I also see Kalia dancing around---she just came up behind Dominic to grind him a little.
Now Rachel is up there now and Chelsea reminds everyone who was not a BB house guest to get out of the VIP area.

Chelsea:  I'm going to start calling people out.  YOU THERE, talking to Ian!  You need to leave the VIP a sister out...we need to get this going!

(Ian is still there? )

After a few minutes Chelsea directs security to "let the guy in the cowboy hat up here".  (ha ha ha)  I think I see Porsche talking to Dani Danato.  Now Chelsea is ready to start the show with Kevin by her side.  She says if we visit Reality Nation we knew that the fans have been voting and voting and Kevin says they have received thousands of votes.   Chelsea corrects him by saying millions of votes!  (joking).  She has to turn around and tell the VIP section to shut up and listen.  They are all talking while she is talking and I think Chelsea kind of gives up on that idea and apologizes to the audience.  She actually yells SHUT UP and that seemed to work a little.

The first award is for Diary Room Queen or King.  The nominees are Boogie, Ashley, and Britney.  Only Ashley is in attendance tonight, but Britney won with 84% of the votes.   Kevin starts saying the stuff about Britney not being able to make it tonight, so he will accept for her, but Chelsea kind of shoos him away.  She's ready to get this shit over with, I think.


The next award is Comp King or Comp Queen.  The nominees are Shane, Danielle and Frank.  The winner at 64% is Frank.  The crowd cheers and Frank comes over to accept the prize.  He tells the fans he is thankful for their support.  Someone yells "SPEECH   SPEECH"  and now they chant "FRANK  FRANK".

Kevin holds the mic for Frank:  There is no bullying inside, or outside of this house!  Preesh!

(I'm not sure what that referred to, but he meant something by that.)

The next award is for Best Schemer.  The nominees are Ian, Dan, and Joe.  At 84%, Dan is the winner and the crowd is kind of quiet.  Dan accepts his award and wants to "thank his mom and dad for teaching him to be a schemer, but obviously not enough or he would have gotten 4 Jury votes".

The next award is for the best Stealth Whisperer and the nominees are Danielle, Dan and Joe.  The winner at 47% is Danielle.  She comes forward and is smiley to have won something.  Kevin asks him to whisper something to him and she says "you're sweet" but it was indeed a whisper.

The next award is for Most Likely to Make a Career Out of Big Brother.  Chelsea explains that this means "extending your 15 minutes of fame".  The nominees are Joe, Wil (drunken scream from the VIP section) and Frank.  The winner at 46% is Frank.  Frank comes up to get it and when Chelsea asks him what he will do for that "16th minute" he says "whatever these guys want me to do".

A guy yells out Hey Frank and then says something else and Frank just shakes his head.  Kevin tells him he is "sweeping the awards".

Up next is the Best Backstabber award, or as Kevin says  the "cut a bitch award".  The nominees are Ashley (?), Ian, and Dan.  Dan is the clear winner at 91%.  Kevin can't find Dan for the award and is calling him out to come over.  He walks offstage and tells Dan he has won again.  Dan comes forward and asks for a "knife, so he can cut Kevin, too".  Kevin says he would have voted for him if he was on the Jury. 

Dan:  Even if I backstabbed you?

Kevin:  I'm getting misted!  I can't even look at him!  I can't look at him!

Dan thanks the crowd and says he appreciates it.

Chelsea hushes the drunken crowd and says the next award is the Most All Star Worthy player.  The nominees are Wil, Ian, and Frank.  The winner is Ian at 48%.   Ian comes over to get his award and it is evident how tired he is.  He is holding a beverage in a glass and says he is honored, and he would love to come back.  Kevin says the Producers probably have him on speed dial already. Ian thanks the crowd and moves away.

Chelsea is wanting to move some things along, and says the following people won awards, but are not present to accept them.  That is Rachel's behind right behind Chelsea there.  I think she went over to talk to Danielle after Dan came on stage to accept his awards.  Dan came from the far left of the screen and seemed to steer clear of Danielle and Shane but maybe that is my imagination.

The Biggest KissAss award went to Joe, at 72%.  The Most FeedWorthy was Britney, but Chelsea doesn't know the percentage.   The Best Storyteller award went to Britney.  The Most Unsinkable, aka Biggest Floater award this season went to Jenn City.  The Most Likely to Cause a FOH (Front of House) also went to Britney.  She also won a DR Queen award, but they already announced that earlier.   The crowd was totally silent during the last rushed award announcements.  Chelsea says that that is the end of the presentation, but the party will go on and the "bar is still slinging drinks".

The DJ starts spinning Single Ladies by Beyonce and we see Wil Heuser from a distance getting down behind the DJ.  And I mean GETTING DOWN.  Wil is no stranger to the stage, BB fans.  The DJ plays a few more songs and we see the wide shot of the crowd. 

Then we see Kevin sit down with a gum-chewing Dan Gheesling.  I know Dan, after having spent several hundred hours watching him, and he is pretty buzzed right now, but is in good spirits.

Dan takes the mic, and promptly says "this is a wrap!" and gets up.  Chelsea Hart screeches "NO" and runs over to make him sit back down.  Dan jokes that he will do an interview with Kevin anyday, but he can't handle Chelsea right now.  Kevin said they worked so hard to get him over there.

Dan starts talking thanks SuperPass and says what's up?  Kevin says he is blanking out while staring at Dan...he's "mistified".  Dan says this is old hat for him, it's his second time around, but he's worried about the new house guests.  They seem kind of overwhelmed and he knows they are getting pulled this way and that.

Dan:  I'm here to be their big brother and help them out, or their coach if they need one.  Even the ones that don't like me.

Kevin:  Who doesn't like you?  Did you talk to Shane?

Dan:  I don't know.  I just got here and haven't talked to that many people.  I was talking to Frank and I said he should have told me his dad was a professional wrestler...I wouldn't have voted him out!

Dan is a big wrestling fan.  He thinks that Frank didn't tell them so they wouldn't be intimidated, but Dan says watching Frank doing upside down push-ups the first week was worse, but that is just his opinion.  Dan says they talked a lot about video games.  If Frank had that kind of time to play games, he must have money coming in from somewhere, so Dan thought he had multiple properties to manage.

Dan is a PS3 video game nerd but "tries to keep that on the DL".   Kevin says Dan is very smart and that is intimidating.  Kevin asks him the same question Dan has been asked dozens of times now---why did his game change from BB10? 

Blah blah blah blah blah.  Dan underestimated the Jury and says you either go Full Gangster or Half Gangster.  He went Full Gangster on the house guests.   He left it all on the field when he left the game.  Kevin wants to know if Dan threw the final HOH.  Dan says no, he got hung up on the Britney question and then he got flustered.  The reason why he missed that question is that Britney was quoted as saying "like" in the sentence and he thinks she is more eloquent than that.

He would have taken Ian with him to the end if he had won.  He and Ian were convinced that Danielle would have "smoked them both with the jury".

Dan:  In hindsight, knowing the Jury's impressions of Danielle, it would have been smart to take her, but I didn't know that at the time.

Dan:  I had a whole speech prepared for when I had to cut her.

Kevin begs him for a little bit.

Dan:  I was going to tell her that this was a little bit like a horror film, where you get to the end and the killer is about to kill you, and then they take their mask off and it is your best friend.

(Damn that is good.  He even pantomimed pulling off a mask while he said it.)  Kevin said he's convinced and is definitely voting for Dan now.  Dan says he never got to use that line, but "the true SuperPass fans got to hear some of it, anyway.

Kevin tells him that Spicy told Danielle in the backyard interviews what Dan whispered to Shane as he left the house, that Danielle was playing him the whole time.  Dan laughs that he is sure Danielle was shocked by him many times.  He has no regrets about the way he treated Danielle, and is not even going to apologize to her, apparently. 

Kevin wants to know if he would come back in the game.  Dan says he doesn't have much left to prove, and is ready to ride off in the sunset with Chelsea (his wife) and let his Big Brother jersey hang in the rafters.  But he says "never say never".  Kevin tells him that most people thought he should have won.

Dan says there was nothing he could have said or done to change the Jury's minds. He accepts that and seems to have moved on emotionally.  Dan saw Kevin's passcode to unlock his phone and has repeated it several times.  (What a dick!)  Dan has nothing to take back from the game, and would have stabbed one more person if he could.

He mentions that  Ian thought he was a Renegade, but that Memphis "kind of declined his membership earlier today".  Dan's goal was to get to the Final Two and there is no one to blame but himself for not winning the money.

Memphis sticks part of a sandwich out from behind the backdrop and then joins them on camera.

Kevin compliments Dan on his book How to Get on Reality TV and says it is a great How To for people who are interested.  Dan says people like Memphis can get on Big Brother due to their good looks, but guys like he and Ian need a little more help.  Dan says Ian told him he read the book as soon as he met him and Dan said that was very gratifying.

Kevin asks Memphis about denying Ian's Renegade membership.

Memphis:  Dan asked me if I think he is up to par, but he can go quack his way back to where ever he came from.

Dan:  Ian had a fake Renegade ID.

Memphis:  Membership DENIED.

Memphis said he watched this year like he was a Super Fan.  He wondered what was wrong with himself and it was all Dan that made him watch.  Memphis thought Dan wouldn't make it past the first week with that huge target on him.

Dan:  When I went outside in the audience, and saw Memphis in the crowd, it meant the world to me.  There was no one in that house like Memphis for me.

Memphis:  We both stood up for each other in our weddings.

Kevin:  Are you going to wash your shorts?

Dan is surprised Kevin knows about that.  (Oh c'mon Dan.  We all know about your filthy flowered shorts.)  Dan says he didn't wash them in tribute to the fans.  (A tribute to Dr. Will, who also wore blue flowered shorts on BB2.)  Memphis says that his own shorts disintegrated after BB10 from the chlorine, but if Dan sells his shorts on Ebay then Vern from Wisconsin can wear them.  (ha ha ha inside joke)

Kevin thanks the fans and calls it a night.

***I was going to bail on this after the awards but I'm glad I stuck it out to see Dan's interview.  I kind of like that he said things that some BB14 house guests would construe as mean.  It is refreshing.  Dan is a gangster and has proven it.  I think this little interview may be more hurtful to Ian then anything else, possibly. ***

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  1. Full gangster - love it! So glad you recapped the party, I missed it live. I wish Britney had been there to spin some tales.


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