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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 7

This is my continuing coverage of the SuperPass BB14 Wrap Party, which was held the night after the Finale in Los Angeles.  The party coverage is about 3 1/2 hours long, so it is taking me some time to get through everything.  As Part 7 begins, there are about 75 minutes left, so the end is in sight.  The promise of seeing drunken house guests is keeping me going.  Maybe they will do or say something shocking.  (***Update - This edition contains some BB star power.***)

When Part 6 ended, Wil Heuser was on the way to the bathroom, and took the cameras with him and joked about being on Cribs and showed us around the room.

Hint:  Wil is a little wasted.

Then we catch a glimpse of Jeff Schroder in the dark, saying "thank you man...I appreciate it...we'll talk later" while leading Jordan by the hand.  Then we hear Jordan saying "Kevin!" and giving him a hug.  Someone tells somebody that "they look good" and then we go back to the crowd scene.  All of a sudden the crowd is holding up cell phones, so I guess they see Jeff and Jordan, too. 

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Yes, there is an air of excitement in the crowd.  People are pointing with their fingers and their cameras.  Oh yeah, now Spicy starts taking to Jeff and Jordan, calling them the most beloved Big Brother People of All Time.

Jeff: I don't know about that...but SuperPass has been so good to us.  We just spent some time with Shane and Danielle...had a couple of beers....I told them you have to go to the party and experience it.

He points over to them (off screen) and says "see they are all smiles now".    Jeff says he told them that people need to let bygones be bygones and this is part of their experience and the two of them wanted Jeff and Jordan to take them to the party to make it a little easier.

Spicy asks about their marital situation.  Jeff says that things are going great for them right now and that when he appeared on the CBS Big Brother episode, they told him to tell Julie something different that he usually says when he talks about that.  So then he told Julie that Jordan gave him a year to make something happen and somehow the June 5th deadline got thrown out there.

Jordan said she is adjusting to live in L.A. and that "things are a lot better".

Spicy:  Do you think Los Angeles is going to be your permanent residence?

Jordan:  No!

Jeff: Look.  We just got here..we're giving it a go..she's got a full time job, and I'm working with my production company and I love it..things are good right now. We have good friends out here from before, and good friends we've made out here.  Things are going good and we don't want to rock the boat....or put deadlines on things...(smiling)

He says Jordan is "slowly adjusting" and she says "yeah".  When Jeff talks Jordan stares at him just like we do.  Spicy asks him about the CBS interactive job he had, and he said it didn't even feel like work.  He says he tried to be positive, but you can't please everyone and that's what "he tried to tell..uh..Danielle over there".

Spicy asks if they have advice to Shane and Danielle coming out of the house.  Jeff asks Jordan if she's ever going to talk, laughing.

Jordan:  Well, just be true to yourself...

Jeff:  That's all?  One word answers?

Jordan:  And..don't read the internet.

Jeff:  That's impossible...but there will be people that like you, and people that don't, so just try to stay positive because it's all about where your head is.

It is apparent that everyone knows that Danielle took a beating in the game and with the fans.  Shane is going to have some issues to deal with as well about his own life, but I will just leave it at that.    Jeff is acting as if Shane and Danielle are starting a relationship now.

Spicy wants to know if Jeff and Jordan will be coming up to Seattle for a visit, and says they haven't taken them fishing yet.  Jeff says is it official?  Are they going?.  Spicy has a friend who owns a fishing charter company and Jeff says he'll go anywhere for a fishing trip and he loves Seattle ---he's in.  Spicy says Chelsea Hart just whispered in her ear, so that's official.  (i.e. Real Network will foot the bill for a SuperPass visit, I guess).

Jordan liked the Finale and would have been happy if either Ian or Dan won.  Jeff says the Finale was so exciting and that there are no rules in Big Brother so Dan's game play was fantastic.  But Ian is a big kid and it was great to see him win.  Jordan wishes the Coaches could have been coaches the whole time and then struggles to make that sound positive after saying that.

Jeff:  But enough about us, let's get the real couple up here.  (pointing off screen)

Jeff and Jordan greet Shane and Danielle and Jeff encourages Danielle.  They were standing at the side this whole time and I get the feeling that they would not have appeared if Jeff and Jordan didn't come with them to make it easier.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Powers That Be didn't assign Jeff and Jordan to the case on Special Assignment.   While they sit down, Spicy speaks. 

Spicy:  You know, here is Shane and Danielle.  We didn't know Shane and Danielle would show up at the party tonight, but Jeff and Jordan told them it was their time to shine, and to come on out and enjoy the fans.

Shane and Danielle take their places next to Spicy and Shane seems to follow Jeff's lead by doing most of the talking.  Spicy asks how they are doing outside of the house, and Shane tells Spicy that outside of the house, they aren't going to be targeted as a couple..that is what he was doing in the house.

Shane:  I really liked her, but I didn't want to put targets on our heads.

Spicy:  You had a lot of us wondering, including Danielle.  She said you were hot, you were cold...

Shane wanted to take her to the end, but he wondered if she was working with Dan to evict him.  He hoped not, because "he valued her friendship and loyalty" but it hurt going out that way.

Spicy says she hates to ask Danielle about it, but does she regret what happened?

Danielle:  Absolutely.  He knows I'm crazy about him, so its...not a surprise.

They don't know if they will go to Vegas or not.  Danielle just likes "hanging out like this, without cameras all over them".     


They are sitting close together and Danielle has got a good grip on him.  Danielle must know that she is lucky that she has him to stick with her, since it doesn't seem like the rest of the cast will join the Danielle Fan Club.

Spicy:  Do you have any immediate plans? 

Shane starts listing his multitude of financial problems, saying that he has to "pay his parent's mortgage now, and had three jobs back in Vermont just to stay afloat".  He really needed to win BB for the money, but he didn't so he needs to go back home and face things.    He needs to go "get back to work".

Spicy:  Danielle, what's next for you?

Dainielle:  I'll be in Vermont soon.

(Those are her plans?  What about your career Danielle?  And your "three masters degrees"?  I hope she doesn't think clinging to Shane is going to solve her problems.  I am reporting the action at the  SuperPass party, but my intention is not to bash Danielle anymore.  The game is over, and I do feel for her, having to deal with all of the hatred out here.  I sense that she is in a very fragile state right now.  I am trying to remember any BB house guests in past years that were so hated by the public, and who were in the game so long.   I come up with names but then disregard them since they didn't seem to ask for it like Danielle did.  She actually believed the Fierce Five when they told her America loved Danielle and Shane and disliked Frank.  I think she should reach out to Rachel at some point for advice.  Rachel actually embraced people hating her to a certain extent and made it work for her.  But of course playing the game with Jordan during the last part of BB13 and having a real life storyline with Brendon helped Rachel's image.)

Spicy says she spoke to each of them separately about this last night, but long term relationships are so hard.

Shane:  I'm open to anything.  Vermont and Alabama are a long ways away, and we made a pact in the house that if one of us won the game, it would be much easier to travel to visit each other.  Neither of us won, so that is still going to be difficult to do.  but if it's meant to be it will be.

Danielle beams at this.   Whether that actually ever happens or not, it certainly saves face now for her.

Now Spicy says she has received dozens of tweets from fans wondering where they were tonight and if they would be there.   Shane points out that "both he and Danielle were backstabbed by their alliance", and it hurts.  The whole entire game they had their final two and he appreciates the fans.  Without them, they would not have met and "had this beautiful summer".  Then they both make a pitch to appear on All Stars together.  Danielle won't do it without him.

The hardest competition for Danielle was the Pirate Ship.  The hardest for Shane was the Memory Chip challenge, since the whole house was against them.  He liked the first bed hopping challenge because it was fun.  Spicy asks Danielle about her posing in front of the mirror and imitates her doing it.  She wants Danielle to tell her about that.

Danielle:  I'm guilty.  I'm done.

She says there is nothing to do in that house and Shane says she spent an hour putting on make up every day.  Spicy says "you guys are really into each other" and they both nod.

Shane:  Yeah, we really are.

(I already promised not to make fun of them..  it is hard...)

Shane wishes he had watched the show before coming in the house.  He didn't know what to do and when to do it.  Everything happens for a reason, and he believes God has a plan for his life and they weren't supposed to win.  He points out that they came in 3rd and 4th out of 16 people, and that is pretty good.

Now they talk about working with Dan, and how they both thought he had their back.

Danielle:  He didn't!  He didn't!

(Oh we know, Danielle, we know.)  Spicy says that people were screaming at their TVs and they both say they know that now.  If Danielle came back in the house she wouldn't be more vicious, she wouldn't change who she is.  Shane would just try to keep the right people close to him, and would not trust "someone like Dan".  Danielle chimes in that after he "screwed her once, she should not have trusted him again".

Shane:  As far as Dan goes, I don't care if I ever speak to or hear from him again.  I come from a Christian family, so maybe I will forgive him over time, but he just took $500,000 away from me that I was going to use to take my family out of bankruptcy, and all because of a lie.

Danielle:  I found out some stuff today that I really didn't like.  Like he was going to take Ian to the Final Two because I was too close to this guy.  It breaks my heart, but why would I hurt somebody who has never wronged me.

They have no plans yet for the rest of the week.  Danielle is happy about having no cameras, but Shane puts a stop to that by mentioning having to pay his parent's mortgage AGAIN and about having three jobs AGAIN.  Spicy says that Shane is very likeable and she thinks he will see some opportunities come from this.

Spicy asks if they will have time to spend together before they separate again.  Danielle doesn't want to answer and says it  "is all him, Big Boy".  Shane says they are in the same hotel tonight but then says they have their own rooms.  Something goes wrong with the sound but I can barely hear Spicy tell them not to worry what anyone says, just be happy and do what you want to do.

 Spicy sets up the upcoming awards presentation, and Shane signs an autograph for someone.  From far away I see him hand it back, and then sign something else handed over by the crowd.  Danielle is up and away on the other side of the stage, so I guess she isn't being asked for her's. I see fans snapping pictures of them and then Shane keeps signing things for people.

I know Spicy probably had no choice but to go easy on them, but  I would have liked her to ask about Janelle's comments during the Finale about Danielle's lies.  Also about Frank winning America's Choice.  I know the two of them would like to be another Jeff and Jordan, but I don't think America is going to go for that.  They might have a better chance as villains, but Shane isn't really a villain at all.

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