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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 6 #BB14

This is my continuing coverage of the SuperPass BB14 Wrap Party, which was held the night after the Finale in Los Angeles.  The party coverage is about 3 1/2 hours long, so it is taking me some time to get through everything.  As Part 6 begins, we are just about at the 93 minute mark, so I have quite a bit of work left to do. 

OK.  The first person up on the Red Carpet with Kevin is Jen Johnson from BB8.  Kevin calls her The Original Jen.   She says that she must now be known as the "Jen with One En", now, and that is kind of a bummer.  Jenn says that she has actually never watched her own season---she saw parts of it, but it was too upsetting for her to watch.  She says she was embarrassed to watch herself on TV.

She certainly understands why she would never be asked to be a BB coach,but she loved watching BB14.  It was one of her favorite seasons so far.  She remembers watching the first episode and thinking it would "be cool if that kid Ian could win, but he probably can't". 

(Kevin has been asking ex-houseguests the same stupid questions...would they come back and be a coach?  Would they be a coach for free?  (WTF)  What do they think of Dan's gameplay?  And other such non-imaginative questions.   Instead he should ask them which cast members they still talk to, and why or why not.  That is the shit we want to hear, particularly if they are liquored up.  Even basic stuff like what they do for a living...something other than talking about Dan's lies.  That topic is already outdated.)

Jen gives out her email address and says there was another Jen before her, so she is not the original. 

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I'm watching the crowd scene now and just saw Dani and Dom walk through, holding hands.  I also see a cowboy hat going back and forth, so I think that is Michael from BB5.  The music has really calmed down for some reason and the DJ seems to be on a break.  Maybe somebody should visit the DJ booth to make sure everything is alright.

 OK.  Like they are reading my mind the camera shot changes to the DJ booth.  That is him up where the red light is.  The crowd is not really dancing---and that is probably his fault.  I guess they couldn't afford Pauly D, huh?  I wish they would play the Solitary Dance Party song once, just for fun.

It looks like most of the crowd is standing around with cameras or paper to get autographs. There is The Cowboy in the crowd.  I think he's looking at his smartphone now.  Seriously.  Ha ha.  He's drinking a long neck Bud.

Things must really be slowing down, because after such a long pause Kevin has another wasted Survivor named Krista.  I think she was on the show a long time ago--I remember her long hair and I think she went pretty far in the game.  I seem to recall her being in the game with Rupert, and I think they bonded because she is kind of a hippie.

Kevin:  Did you watch this season of Survivor?

Krista:  No. 

Kevin:  Have you ever watched Big Brother?  Not even one episode?

Krista:  No.  I don't even know what it's about.

She is slurring, but then admits that she knows Evel Dick (BB8), Michelle Noonon (BB11) and Annie Whittington (BB12).  Kind of a strange assortment of people, right?  Now another Survivor comes up to stand with her.  He is Yao Man, I think, and they apparently are good friends.  She writes computer code at work and then emails it to him and it "turns him on".  He gives a shout out to Ian and says that 'Nerds Rule' and they are 'taking over the world'.  He cites Bill Gates as evidence of this.

They are going to road trip to Las Vegas tomorrow and plan to listen to podcasts about sex the whole way.  Yao Man says he is drunk and as they leave the stage Kevin informs him that both of them are drunk.  I'll have to agree with Kevin, for maybe the first time ever.

Now we see The Cowboy sitting with Interview Guy, who now says his name is Alexander.   Alexander says as a former player "who played the game very well", what does Cowboy think about the game this year?

Cowboy says that the season was great and kept him on the edge of his seat.  He wished the Coaches had stayed Coaches, though, and is glad that a newbie won.  He was Team Ian all the way and mentions how Ian has been watching Big Brother since he was 10 years old..  Cowboy says that he is "a single father of three" and is raising the kids  alone.  (Wow.)  His little boy brings up him streaking in the BB5 house and laughs about it, but he has only watched part of the show with his daughter.

(If that is the son he had when he was on BB5, he was the stepfather, and married the child's mother who was named April.  I guess she is not around?  I remember seeing pictures of the Four Horseman at his wedding back in the day.)

He still doesn't talk to Nakomis, but they are in touch on Facebook.  She got married and he is very happy for her.  (Alexander is asking the things we want to hear.)  He talks to Scott Long every now and then, and also Jase.  He texts Holly now and then, but talks to people from other seasons more than his own season.

Cowboy:  It's just who I am today.

He does charity events frequently and is doing two Toys for Tots events in New Hampshire this November.  He likes to interact with the fans and invites us all to reach out to him on Facebook.  (I would have liked Alexander to ask him about Drew Daniel......)

Now another crowd scene.  I cans see some of the SuperPass staff moving around, so maybe things are winding down.  I just want to point out that I have been watching this for over two hours total, now, and have not seen Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, Jenn, Joe, Mike Boogie or Kara.    Maybe they are all sitting in a car together getting stoned.

Now, I know that is not the case, but it is fun to imagine that, right?

OK now Spicy is sitting down with Rachel and Brendon.  Rachel is grooving and jokes that she didn't know she was on camera.  Brendon says that she gets really flustered and shy about being on camera and they all laugh.

Spicy asks her about her Pandora's Box appearance and she says no one has asked her about that yet.  When she heard what the plan was, she thought it was a great idea.  She didn't know who the HoH would be when she filmed it, but she planned to talk about Brendon the entire time, and do her laugh, etc.  Brendon thought Ian's reactions were great.

Brendon said they filmed that in their house, and he was downstairs listening to Rachel talk about how dreamy he is and he was yelling "more, more!".   Spicy points out that the Rachel who is on camera is different from the off-camera Rachel.

Rachel:  I have no idea what you're talking about....

Brendon:  She knows how to turn up the dramatics just a little.

Rachel:  I'm trying to be an actress....I'm taking acting classes.

Spicy:  You already are an actress!

Rachel is so happy that Ian won.  Then, like Magic, Dan Gheesling appears and grabs the microphone, saying he needs to get in on this.  They all scooch together to make way for Dan.

Rachel:  Oh my god!  Oh my god!

Dan:  This is the first time I'm meeting Rachel in person.

Dan shakes hands with Brendon, saying he met him yesterday.  Dan says he was late tonight because he had dinner with Memphis and wanted to talk to him away from all of the crowd for awhile.    Dan says he was jealous that Ian got the Pandora's Box when he heard who it involved.

Dan mentions Ian saying Shelly Moore was the best BB13 player and Rachel said she discussed that with Ian and he said he might have to change his mind about that.

Spicy:  What advice can you give them about marriage Dan, since they are newlyweds?

Dan:  Do you want real advice, or the good advice?  (ha ha ha)  Dan says the real advice is that before you go to bed every night, to say what you like about the other person, and what you want for them.  It's kind of corny..but I can see you doing it...I can see Brendon doing that...

Rachel:  Yeah, why don't you do that now Brendon?

Brendon:  Thanks Dan!  Thanks for messing up my game!  The Mist!

Dan says Rachel is the "real Mister".  Rachel says that she'll go on All Stars with him, and he will be Misting the hell out of her.  Dan says he doesn't want to mess up their interview and gets up, hugging both of them.

Then Spicy calls out Chelsea Gheesling who is standing over the side.  She come up on the stage to meet Brenchel and Spicy and Rachel both gush over how pretty she is.

Wow Chelsea is really gorgeous.  Brendon tells her she can be proud of Dan, that he did a great job.  He says that from a player's perspective, it is so hard to stay one week in that house,. so for Dan  to do what he did this year makes him one of the best, if not the best of all time.

Chelsea says when she talked to Dan after the game was over, he said he didn't have any regrets, so she supports him totally.  Brendon says that seasoned players know how to go into the game, and then how to come back out of it. 

Brendon tells Spicy that Rachel was watching the keys go into the box during the Finale from their seats so she knew how they were voting.  Brendon says Dan admitted that he misread the Jury, and how they were thinking.  Rachel says that was a bitter jury, but Brendon says Ian's speech was really good and that is what turned the tide.  He says that newbies vote a little more personally and it's less about game play.

As they say goodbye Rachel says remember, "the wedding is October 15th".  There is a pause, and then Rachel says "no, the wedding is on TV December 15th!".

Now Kevin is on the Red Carpet again with some guy named Ryan from "After Buzz", Porsche, Wil, and Christina Cha from Survivor.  I think Christina, Ryan and Porsche host the show, and Ryan says it was developed by Maria Menounos and her boyfriend.  Wil was a guest on their show and he talked about gay bullying.  Porsche says we can download the epsisode and it is very highly rated.

I actually recognize Ryan from the Brenchel wedding pictures---I thought he might be part of Brendon's family since he is tall and there is a resemblence.  Ryan says there are over 200 hosts on the After Buzz channel and they cover the Reality world and also dramas. 

They end with a four way kiss.

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