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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 5 #BB14

This is my continuing coverage of the SuperPass BB14 Wrap Party, which was held the night after the Finale in Los Angeles.  The party coverage is about 3 1/2 hours long, so it is taking me some time to get through everything.  As Part 5 begins, we are just about at the 75 minute mark, so I have quite a bit of work left to do.

This part opens with Kevin interviewing Porsche Briggs on the "Red Carpet".  Porsche looks really great and is very smiley.  She was very happy to see a newbie win over a BB veteran, and wanted to be able to make it happen for herself last year.

Kevin asks her as someone who came in second, does she have any advice for Dan?

(Is is fucking kidding?  Dude, Dan already won the game---BB10, fool!)

Now Porsche gives Dan TAX ADVICE, saying that second place "isn't much after taxes".  I certainly hope Dan reads this so he can avoid problems with the IRS, based on Porsche's advice.  Kevin tries to start some trouble by asking about Janelle's BB14 game---what does she think about it?

Porsche:  Janelle?  I love Janelle.  She coached me before last year..

Kevin:  She coached you?

Porsche:  Yes!  We've been friends for a while now.  She told me to just be myself, because the cameras would always be watching me.  And to think with my head, not my heart.  Not to be too emotional.

She isn't "a boss", even though "she is bossy" and would not be a coach.  She would be a player again, especially if she got to play with Rachel and Janelle.  (She was a bridesmaid in Rachel's wedding, I think.)

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Who's spinning tonight?  They are playing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".  Surely they can do better than that in a club, right?

Now in a burst of energy Rachel Reilly is there, saying "OH MY GOD HEY BITCHES!" and Brendon is right there with her.  They hold up their wedding rings and say they made an "alliance for life".  They just got back from their honeymoon and Rachel tells us an upcoming October issue of OK Magazine will have exclusive coverage of the wedding, and Brendon adds we can see the wedding on December 15th on WE TV.

Now they tease Kevin about not showing up at the wedding, and call him a "wedding skipper".   Rachel says his boyfriend skipped the wedding too.  Brendon says they love Kevin and are just busting his balls.  The energy and happiness just pours out of them.  They are certainly pros by now regarding camera time and reactions. 

Kevin wants a hint about the wedding.  Rachel says that we need to get OK Magazine, but says she "may or may not have arrived in a helicopter".  (Oh wow.)  Brendon adds that she flipped when they were dancing, but "thank god he caught her".

Kevin:  She flipped?  Did you practice that?

Brendon:  Yes, but not enough!

Rachel watched BB14, including the live feeds and the SuperPass shows.  She says she needs help---she is an addict about Big Brother.  They were at the finale last night and Rachel was holding a "Frank the Tank" sign.  Rachel says they "felt like they were at a game---it was ridiculous, like a football game!"

(Rachel is stuck on the word ridiculous--she has used it at least 5 times now!)

Brendon thinks the final two both deserved to win for different reasons.  Brendon said Dan played BB on steroids this year.  Rachel said she would have liked to have been a coach, but they needed the summer off this year to get married.  Brendon loves being on Big Brother too, but says every time he goes on there his PhD gets pushed back a year---he'd like to graduate at some point.

Rachel is busy with podcasts and SuperPass (she hints at future appearances) and Brendon mentions that he is busy trying to cure Alzheimer's (his research project, I think).  They say goodbye and hug it out.

Now we toggle back to the Interview Guy, who is giving it another try with Janelle.  (Earlier, she sat down with Beau Beasley and Howie.  Beau was FUCKED UP and ruined the entire interview.  Maybe he's been carried out now, giving her time for a proper chat.)

  IG says now they can talk game.  He wants to know her thoughts about BB 14.  She says that she will remember BB14 for the blindsides.  Each season usually has one or two, but there were so many this year that it was shocking.  She thought the game play was really good, too.

IG asks how it is different to watch the game once you are evicted.  Janelle said she always watches it as a fan, every year, but this year she knew all of the players and their strengths and weaknesses, so that made it really interesting.  She loved watching it play out on TV.

He wants to know her favorites.  She says that she didn't really hate anyone.  She liked Danielle's game play, but didn't like all of her lies.  She says that Danielle "got really turned on every day about bashing people".   She says she didn't want to start a fight between JoJo and Danielle, but she wanted to let Danielle know what JoJo said about her.  It wasn't right that JoJo was talking about how fat Daniele was in the house.

Janelle:  I was trying to have her back, she twisted it like I said it....but Danielle is just a fucked up bitch...

IG:  Your words, not mine!

Janelle giggles.  Her advice to future BB players is to play your own game.  You can't go in with a huge strategy, you kind of have to play it week to week.

It's hard for anyone to follow Janelle, to be honest, but Kevin is out on the Red Carpet with some drunken former Survivors.  There is Christina Cha and Sugar.  The guy who is sweating it out is Sugar's date.  Sugar also appeared on Celebrity Rehab.  Something  is telling me that didn't work out so well for her.  Just a guess.

This is funny---Sugar has a "cheat sheet" for the BB14 cast and says twice the one she wants to meet is Jenn City.

Now this girl is actually on the new Survivor series.  Her name is Abi Maria and she is the one with the Brazilian booty.  She says it was crazy watching the premiere but she can't tell us anything about the Survivor season.  When she walked up Sugar's date kind of leered at her but I don't think Sugar spoke to her...she couldn't get out of there fast enough.

She is wearing a brace on her leg, and says she hurt herself on the show and just had ACL surgery a few weeks ago.  Uh...didn't she just tell us something about the show?  I think she did.

Now Adam Poch from BB13 comes up and is his usual loud self.  I'm sure you can imagine.

Kevin:  Did you watch this season?

Duh, fool...Adam had a weekly show on SuperPass!  I'm wondering if Kevin watched the fucking show.  Kevin says he notices Adam gives a lot of shout outs to Jenn.  Adam says she is East Coast metal like he is and does some more growling and roaring over that.

Kevin says that "Danielle needs advice right now" and Adam tells her to try and get money somewhere else, since she's not getting it from Big Brother.

(I don't think that was the kind of advice Kevin was referring to....)

He says that she was there, she tried it, and it didn't work for him either.  He says she should hold her head high.  He says Dan played very aggressive this year, and made one too many moves.

When I say that Adam is yelling every word he is saying, that is the truth.  Damn he is annoying.  He leaves the stage by yelling "Rants and Roars, Baby!".

Uh, okay Adam.  Okay.


  1. What am I going to do?

    Now that BB is over, I'm going to miss reading your blog.

    Love your writing style & humor.

  2. Preesh Denise!

    I'm not sure what my involvement will be with BB Canada...but that is coming in February. If you follow me on Twitter all of my posts go straight to the time line. I try not to tweet about anything but BB-related stuff since that is what people want to read about.


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