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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 4 #BB14

This is my continuing coverage of the SuperPass BB14 Wrap Party, which was held the night after the Finale in Los Angeles.  The party coverage is about 3 1/2 hours long, so it is taking me some time to get through everything.  As Part 4 begins, we are just about at the one hour mark, so I have quite a bit of work left to do.

SuperPass sold tickets to this event, and had Kevin Campbell (BB11) covering the "Red Carpet" arrivals, and then what appears to be a rotating cast of SuperPass on air talent conducting interviews inside the party.

As I begin, Wil Heuser has taken his place next to Spicy for a chat.  Wil has been a regular contributor to the SuperPass live programs since his eviction, so he is old friends with Spicy by now. 

Wil says the fan support is incredible.  Spicy met his family and Wil said his mom looked hot in her one-shouldered dress.  His brother Chip was there, too.  Wil says they are very different--Chip is a straight tall guy.  He does his Dan impression reading the Bible for Spicy, and then his Ian impression.  He says it is very hot in there and he is wearing a sweat mustache.

Here is Wil, playing an evil Bible-skimming Dan Gheesling.  Spicy cracks up.  The Ian impression was mainly voice-related, so there was nothing to capture there.  But Dan has an evil glare as he flips through The Good Book.

Then Spicy sees Chelsea Hart (BB9 and SuperPass) in the crowd and calls her up, saying the fans love her and never see her enough.  Chelsea looks smashing in a little black dress with her hair in a ponytail.  She really is gorgeous.  She is part of SuperPass management or something now, and says that they "need to start the awards, but she doesn't know if Dan is there yet". 

Chelsea: His PARENTS are here, but I don't know if he is yet..

Wil:  The mysterious Dan...

Spicy:  Maybe he's having's been a long time for Dan

Wil:  A long time since he had a good lay!

Now Wil says that when he gets drunk, he feels like he's "talking in cursive", and thinks tonight is going to be one of those nights.  Chelsea says just wait until you see Spicy get crazy.  Chelsea is all business and needs to go find Dan.  Spicy throws to break, although Wil is the one holding the microphone.  Like a pro, I might add.

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Then the cameras go back to Kevin on the Red Carpet, where he is speaking to Mike from BB8.  All I remember about Mike is that he was some sort of construction worker, and he was voted off first.  I haven't watched that season since it aired, but I think that Evel Dick probably sensed that Mike could be like Shane in the competitions and sent him packing.

Mike claims that he was "just flipping channels" and "happened to see Dan's funeral" on BB so he started watching BB14 at that time.  (So, watching Dan's cringe-worthy acting job made you want to watch the show?  I call bullshit on that Mike.  It would SUCK to get voted out first, though, so I guess you have to take your dignity however you can find it.)

Kevin  points out that Mike looks like Dan.  And he does.

Then we see the wide party shot.  I've just been kind of zoning out when I see this, typing away, but just now I looked and there is Frank in the lower right side.  He is talking to some guys and stops to pose for pictures now and then.  It must be surreal to even be at a big party like that, and to have people want to hug you and take pictures with you, after being so isolated.

You can see the red bill of his hat there in the corner.  I think the hat needs to be retired for evening events like this.  Maybe even day time events.  Just a suggestion Frank.

Then Spicy is replaced by some other Interview Guy, who sits with Daniele Donato (BB8, BB13) and Dominic Briones (BB13), who are apparently a couple.  For some reason this question never comes up.  Daniele starts right away by saying that she "called the Coaches twist" before the show started, and also said it was obvious that the Coaches would come in the game.

(Duh Daniele...we all knew about the twist well before the season Premiere, but no thanks to you.)

 Daniele says that she would have pressed that reset button in a heartbeat, if she was a Coach.  There is some reggae-type rap beating in the club and Dom bobs his head, sipping his drink.  I guess he's used to taking the backseat in situations like these.

Dominic is not a fan of the newbies having to play against the veterans.  Dani appreciated that Dom was a newbie last year but still wanted to play the game.  Danielle says the two of them rooted for Shane and Ian most of the season.  She says that she was not a fan of Shane's clothing or puka shells, and says when she first saw him, she thought he would be a douche.  She also said "what is up with Shane's hair?"  Danielle says some of the Coaches and the Duos from BB13 had a sense of entitlement, and were not that excited to be there.  She contrasts this with someone like Ian, who was such a big fan and was so excited to be in the game.

They are very happy that Ian won.  The Interview Guy asked Dominic which season he would rather have played on---BB14 or BB13?  Dominic and Dani smile at each other and he says he liked the cast of BB13 better.  The Interview Guy says that Ian is just being bombarded with people and it is cute to watch him go through this.  Dani says that when Ian cried after Boogie gave him the money it was so nice to see that he appreciated it.  Dom doesn't think he's going to "blow the money", so that's good.  Dani jeers that Dom woke up that morning and wanted to watch The Talk to see Ian and they all laugh at him.

(I like that Dani actually watches BB and has opinions about everything.  She doesn't try to act like she's too cool to watch it.  They are a cute couple and it looks like it's working out.  I remember hearing Dani on the live feeds talking about "PT  PT  PT" last year after he was evicted, so this is nice to see.)

Then Ian appears and joins them on the couch.  Dani gets up to hug him.  The Big Brother family is like that---once you've been on the show you belong to the club.  I've heard Ian talk about Dani Donato many times on the live feeds, so this has got to be a great moment for him.

Missy from SuperPass walked through the set.  I wish they would do an intervention or something for her.  She is such a sweet and hardworking person---she needs to get a grip and get her body under control.  She is a mother for gods sake.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step Missy!

Ian says this has all been overwhelming and that he never guessed he would be there right now.  He says that he's learned since the show ended that "pretty much everyone wanted him out the whole time".  (Not the whole time..just since the Jury started.)  Ian has a longneck beer bottle.

Ian makes what I think is a shocking statement by saying "he fell ass backwards into that one".  (Implying that luck played a much bigger part in his getting to the finale than he thought---a big blow to his ego, perhaps.)  He says that when you're watching the show, you know everything that is going on, but as a player you just try to make the best decisions you can, without good information.  Dani and Dom both nod in support as he says this.  (It's almost like everybody has to console Ian, even though he won!)

The Interviewer Guy says that he was impressed with how loyal to Dan Ian was the whole time.

Ian:  I would have fallen on my sword for any member of the Quack Pack ...... ANY of them, and it hurt like hell to learn what was really going on..

For some reason the interviewer says they have to wrap it up now, even though Ian was clearly discussing topics that hold a lot of interest for us.  Maybe he didn't watch the show.  I think that Missy is going to take over for this guy---she came over there to get him out of there so she could interview Ian, I'll bet.  (How cute is Dom in that picture?)

Now Kevin has Kalia Booker from BB13 on the Red Carpet and of course they have to talk about Jodi.  Kevin tells everyone that this is not Jodi, even though they look alike.  Kalia talks some "valley girl" talk, poking fun at Jodi, but then says that Jodi is very sweet and it really sucks to have to go out like that.  She said it is very strange to watch the show the year after you've been on it, and to see "people sleeping in your bed".

Kalia:  People fight so hard to be on this show.  And then you get there, and then that's too bad.  And then there were no black people on the show after Jodi left!  Just kidding....(not really).

She was glad to see a newbie beat a vet for the win, and says that she thought Danielle deserved to be there in the end, no matter what you say about her.  She says she talked to Dani Donato a few times this season, saying it felt like a repeat of BB13 at times.  Kalia is wearing a cool ring that says LOVE and fits across her left hand like brass knuckles.  Check it out.

Kalia has some sort of accent now.  Something different.  Kind of stagy, maybe a little British around the edges?  Maybe because she's being interviewed and she's "putting on" a little bit.  Her advice to people who just come out is to not worry about what people say about you.  Enjoy this time, meet the fans, and just enjoy it.

Kevin repeats again that "this is not Jodi" and Kalia says "she's not any of the other black girls, either".  I don't think Kevin needed to repeat the Jodi comparison.  It's insulting to Kalia.  But in fairness to Kevin he appears to be working unsupervised.  Chelsea can only do so much to keep everybody in check.  (I wonder if she would let Crazy James into the party?)

Now we go back to the interview area, where Missy is indeed sitting down with Ian and his parents. She has Ian wave to the crowd and then asks him to introduce his mom and dad.  He says his mom is Sharon and his father is Pete.

Sharon said that being Ian's mom is her "claim to fame now".  Missy asks Ian what he is going to do with the money and he says he will pay off school loans and buy sunglasses.  I'm sure he has had to answer that at least a hundred times so far.  He seems exhausted.  (He taped a podcast earlier in the evening and said he hadn't slept at all the night before, but was coming to the Wrap party because it was "the right thing to do".)

Missy ask Ian if he is aware that she is "his number one fan" and Ian says he is aware of that now.  Sharon and Pete interrupt to say that they are actually Ian's Number One and Number Two fans and they all laugh.  Missy wants to know what Ian was able to take out of the house to sell on Ebay.  He tells her the pork rinds "were confiscated as there was no food allowed in the bedrooms".  He will be selling some "laminates from the competitions" (cards with instructions, I guess), his yellow unitard, and something from the salsa challenge.

Ian isn't going back to school until January.  Missy asks him again about the money---he says that he is going to use it for his family and the money will help them.

Sharon pipes up that he doesn't need to take care of them---it is his money.  (Missy might be getting Ian mixed up with Shane, who said that his family needed money.  Ian's parents both work for Verizon, I think.)

Missy says she is very proud of Ian.  She was Team Ian all the way.  They quack good bye.

I'm pretty sure that is Ian's little brother Ryan in the lower right corner there, with the red shirt peeking out from his jacket.  He is only 19, so I wonder if he is getting booze.  Hopefully somebody is helping him out with that.  The kid deserves a drink, right?  It is hard enough having Boy Genius in the house to live up to, and now he wins a Reality Show?  


  1. Btw Mike wasen't eliminated 1st that was carol ! I think it was 3rd hehe

  2. LMAO you are my favorite BB blog. Amazed you notice Frank way in the corner (or maybe that was another recap post). Thanks for recapping this!! xox


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