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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 3 #BB14

I am continuing my coverage of the SuperPass Wrap Party, held the night after the BB14 Finale, broadcast live on SuperPass.

Kevin is interviewing Bunky from BB2.  You may remember him, or you may not.  You probably don't, and this would explain Bunky's consistently shitty attitude.  He loves Kevin's purple jeans and they discuss how gay wearing purple is.  Bunky says that he watched the 1st episode of BB14 and that was it, after he saw Mike Boogie was on the show.  (They were both on BB2.)

Bunky says living with Mike Boogie "was a nightmare" and that he is egotistical and they evicted him after only a few weeks.  Then Bunky admits that they are both "attention whores" so that made it hard for Bunky to live with him.  He says that he only watched the one BB14 episode because he had committed to appearing on Dick at Nite to discuss it.

 Bunky says he is "dying to get back on television somehow".  You may or may not recall that Bunky was standing on the front steps of the BB7 house for All Stars, but was left high and dry and did not make the cut.  Mike Boogie did, and he ended up winning  So that would explain why Bunky is so salty about it, huh?

Bunky is single (SHOCKER) and wants to get hooked up with somebody.  He asks if Mark Long from MTV is there tonight and hopes to have a chance with him.  Kevin asks if he likes Shane but Bunky is noncommittal about it.

 I think Bunky might have a chance with Beau Beasley, if he waits until Beau passes out.  Good luck with that Bunky!  Don't let the door hit you on the ass!

(Bunky also frequently criticizes Production, saying that they schedule the competitions to favor the house guests they want to win.  Bunky wouldn't be so angry about it if he was a fan favorite, now would he?  Haters gonna hate, and apparently they will show up if free drinks are involved!  Good bye Flunky!)

They are playing old school tunes now.  I can hear "To Be Real" thumping in the background and am chair dancing a little.   Now we go back to Spicy, and she is interviewing Frank.  I hear her tell him that she is married...I know Spicy is Team Frank all the way, but she thinks Frank is a hottie.

Frank seems very sober, which is a smart move and sets him apart from the other house guests, and also the SuperPass hosts.  He thanks the fans for watching him all summer, and they discuss how surreal this experience is.

Frank:  I know I've been in the Jury House for awhile, but that's not real life, either.  And I'm back to having responsibilities, so that's different.  There is just so much visual stimulation, and in that house you're used to seein' the same old things.

Frank says they had the same old walls, the same old food... Frank says that Joe did a pretty good job of feeding them, but even those turkey burgers got old after a while.  Spicy said that sadly she didn't think Joe was here tonight.

Frank:  Yeah..he and his wife were ready to get on home to Kentucky or Indiana or where ever they live.


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Spicy wants to know what Frank's dad thinks about all of this.  Frank says he hasn't talked to him, and "hasn't talked to anyone" because he "put his phone on vacation mode and the office was closed today so he can't call them".

He said that he had no idea that his friends made the shirts and set up a website for him.  He saw Mike's T-shirt at the finale and said he loved the shirt and wanted one.  He thought Mike had it made, but Mike told him that "his boys were at his house" and told him about their efforts to market Team Frank.

Spicy says all the fans know she was for Team Frank, and that she talked about him all of the time.  Frank says the website name and Spicy tries to repeat it.  Spicy said she has one of the T-shirts and wants him to sign it for her.  Frank has been saying hello to the fans tonight and "huggin' everybody".

Frank has been a fan of BB since BB6.  Spicy wants to know what his favorite season was, and who his favorite players are.

Frank:  I love BB14, and me and Mike are my favorite players!

They both laugh.  Frank gets serious and says he likes watching the duos play like Brendon and Rachel, and Jeff and Jordan.  He was an alternate last year, and was happy that Rachel won and said she deserved it.  He met them  last night and says they were "super fun and nice".  He says Rachel held a "Frank the Tank" sign during the finale.

Spicy:  HELL YEAH!

Frank was so happy to see all of the fan support.

He's heard about Wil's BB14 spoof video but hasn't watched it yet.  Now Ashley appears and joins them.  She is super excited to see Frank.  Spicy says everybody loves them together and Ashley says she loves them together.

Ashley:  He is moving to California!

Frank, looking sheepish:  I never said I was gonna do that!

Ashley:  It's on my dream board, and everything on my dream board comes true!

Frank:  What about when you had me on the dream board beatin' Dan?  That didn't happen, did it?

Ashley, pretending to be mad:  Somebody's a little too cool for school now!

Spicy says Ashley is so much fun, and Frank says she is smokin' hot.  Ashley says that she was in a lot of pain in the house and was a little "out of it".  Spicy asks her if she was on pills and she says she was on muscle relaxers.  She says that Have Not bed messed up her game but she'd love to go back in the house.

Frank is singing along with the music (Ain't no mountain high enough...) and they all groove for a moment.

Ashley says Frank thinks he's too cool now that he won America's Vote.  Frank says he thought that the Coaches would have a good chance to win, particularly Britney since she won America's Choice during BB12 and has so many fans.  He was just trying to be positive when he talked about it in the house.  He's going to put that money in the bank and try not to spend it so fast.

Frank said they watched movies in the Jury House, and also the DVDs of the competitions.  Frank said it was hard to watch them, knowing he could be in there playing.  Spicy tries to spit out a question about going to the Jury House and is having difficulty putting the words together.

Ashley says you just ride in a town car by yourself to the Jury House, and she was there for a week by herself.  Ashley forgot there were cameras on her in the house all of the time.  She says they have the "best cast ever".  Frank agrees.

Ashley:  There's one person who I won't talk to, but I won't give you the name of that person.  I won't do it.

Now JoJo and Wil crowd onto the set and there is a lot of positive energy there.  Spicy asks Wil to imitate Frank and he does it pretty well.  Frank didn't realize he was "a blinker" but even his handler yesterday told him he blinks a lot.

Now JoJo and Ashley are raging and talking about when they wore the Nacho Chip costumes.  Frank is holding a beer bottle and tries to keep it out of the camera view.  Wil and JoJo leave the stage after they sign a bag that Spicy is going to auction off.  Now Spicy tells them everyone calls her Trashley online and Frank says he loves that nickname.

Spicy:  It's hot mess o'clock!

Ashley says she's trying not to like Frank too much, so he won't break her heart, but it's already happening, she says.

Spicy:  Don't put all of your eggs in one basket, girlfriend.

Ashley:  I already did...I put them all on Team Boogie and I got evicted!

Spicy says she thinks they make a great couple.  The group breaks up and there are hugs all around as they leave the stage.  You can see Frank hugging Wil below

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