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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 2 #BB14

I am picking up where I left off yesterday, with coverage of the SuperPass Wrap Party, held the day after the Big Brother 14 finale.

Now we see Spicy from SuperPass interviewing Jodi, who she calls the "most screwed over house guest of all time".  Jodi says she went out to lunch today, but she does not drink so she always remembers everything that happens when she goes out.  She was heartbroken to get booted from the show, and is so glad that she got to interact with fans through Twitter and SuperPass.  When life "gives you 480 lemons", she is glad to have made lemonade.

Spicy:  I want a little vodka in mine!

We see that Spicy, we see that.

Now back to Kevin's "red carpet" interviews, where he is with Ashley.  She is very giggly and bubbly, showing no hint of her usual spacy, confused persona.  Howie Gordon (BB6, BB7) appears from the right side of the stage to join her.

Howie has just apparently watched the movie "Swingers" because he calls Ashley "a beautiful little baby" at least three times, also calling her "fresh and lovely".  Ashley says that she told Janelle she would have a crush on Howie.

Howie:  I know!  Everyone sent me the links every time you said that...but then you went on a date with Ian, then started dating Frank....

Ashley:  I'm a single woman!  I had to weigh my options!

Howie said that she was just trying to make him jealous.  Ashley says she is jealous of JoJo.  Howie just remembered that he talked to JoJo on the phone last night, but forgot because "he was really fucked up".

Ashley wants all of us to follow her on Twitter.  She didn't have an account when she went in the house, but she has one now that is her name.  She hopes Howie isn't mad at her for turning on Janelle.

Ashley:  I joke that the house had a gas leak...'cause I was a little dopey...I was in a lot of pain, guys.

Howie interrupts to say that he has a Dream Board.  Ashley said her back was in such pain.  Howie can relate to that and understands.  Howie says he will give her a back massage tonight "FOC---free of charge".

Kevin didn't ask her about Frank...I think we all want to hear about that, but  I guess Howie nipped that topic in the bud.  Ashley must have a thing for unemployed dudes.

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Now for some reason we go back to Spicy's interview with Jodi.  Spicy says she turned off the microphone by mistake earlier.  I think she is a little lit.  They are both looking forward to BB Canada this year, with a whole new house.  Jodi says her favorite season was BB9, since that was the first year of the Showtime show.

Jodi loves Dani Donato, Dr. Will Kirby, and Danielle Reyes.  Those are her favorite players.  Jodi also loves Dominic Briones and Cassi Colvin, both BB13 house guests who also left early.  Jodi thinks she will be friends with Shane and his sister, and maybe JoJo, and she calls Wil her "long lost, long lost".  She says that she met Ian's family and his brother is an "adorable nerd", too.  She says this "with all due respect, because she loves nerds and she married a nerd".

Jodi's husband Jay comes up and Jodi says she loves him so much, and that she waited a long time for him.  She says he has beautiful eyes.  He says hello.  His voice is kind of effeminate.  Just sayin'...

Spicy says her Mr. Right is watching, too and gives him a wave.  I really like her big turquoise ring.  Cool.

Jodi says the "limo bus" they all rode over in tonight has a stripper pole in it.  She rode over with Wil's family and said they are lots of fun.

Now we go back to Kevin's Red Carpet interviews, where he has Frank Eudy and Cowboy from BB5.  Surreal, huh?

I think they just met.  Cowboy said that when he found out who Frank's father is, he "did some research, and then did some more research" about it.  Even more surreal...the Cowboy "doing research".

Cowboy says that Frank was "a competitor, and a threat, and if there is an All Stars 2 Frank should be there."  Frank says thank you, and that he would have loved to win the game, but getting Fan Favorite means a lot to him.  He loves the game, and would come back in a heartbeat if they ask him to.

Kevin loves the Frank Eudy T-shirt and wants to know how he can get one.  Frank's friend is just off camera and says to go to

Frank:  We got 'em in different colors and they're incredible!

Frank says that all of the visual stimulation of being out of the game is kind of strange.  He says that he's been "under lock and key in a hotel room and it's kind of like being in prison".  I guess Kevin is fresh out of interview questions, because he asks FUCKING COWBOY to give Frank some advice on how to handle being out of the game.

Cowboy tells him to take it one day at a time, just like getting out of prison.  He says that he will have Flashbacks when he watches the show in the future.  Frank listens carefully and then Kevin wants to know where we can find him on Twitter, and if Kevin can get Frank's carrot costume.

Frank:  Everybody's sayin' that!  I've got two of 'em, so maybe I'll try to sell one of 'em.

You cans see the guy who is with Frank in the background there, wearing the white version of Frank's shirt.

Now we go over to Spicy, who is having a sit down with JoJo.  She and her sister rented a car today and drove around LA for a little bit.  They are going to Vegas tomorrow for the Reality party.  JoJo has never been to Las Vegas before so she is "going to pop her Vegas cherry" and party.  Spicy approves of that plan.

JoJo says she will be friends with Ashley and  "surprisingly, Wil".  She has been spending a lot of time with Wil lately and she loves him. It sounds like she saw him in New York.  She is drinking an Appletini now and has been going to a lot of charity events and also promotional modeling events.  She has a website now, and we can tweet her, too. 

Spicy says that JoJo's dress is so hot and she wants her to stand up and turn around and show us.  Spicy says she wishes she was 20 years younger and "don't hate haters!".

JoJo's goal tonight is "to get hammered", and she wants to party with the cast.  She says the Jury members haven't had much of a chance to have fun yet, so she wants to party with them.  She also wants to "make out, but not with any cast members".

Spicy:  With a girl?

JoJo:  Yeah, but just to make out!

Spicy sees Team Frank in the house and JoJo starts yelling.  Spicy loves Frank, that is for sure.  She says she is going to interview Frank's friends at some point, all of his "BFF's" because they are all there tonight.

OMG--now Kevin is interviewing Philip Shepherd from Survivor.  He is the one who said he was a special agent and wore pink underwear all of the time.  He likes to watch Big Brother too and could not pass up the invitation to the party.

Philip's demeanor is totally different from the show--he doesn't seem nutty or crazy at all.  I think it was an act on the show.  Kevin says he is Survivor Royalty and he was happy to meet him.

In between interviews we see this shot of the crowd.  The music is pumping and there is much crowd chatter.  The bar must be there at the bottom right, because everyone is crowding there.  Always a line at the bar.

Now there is a guy who is conducting interviews instead of Spicy.  Maybe she is on break or something.  Janelle comes over with Beau Beasley and Howie.  Beau is still super FUCKED UP and is nearly incoherent.  Janelle and Beau hold champagne flutes and Howie has a highball glass wrapped with a napkin.  I'm surprised Beau is still getting served by the bar, to be honest.  They should cut him off.

Beau sits on the Interview Guy's lap and they all say that he is in a BB6 sandwich.  Janelle was rooting for Frank and Dan, but is happy Ian won and says he deserves it.  Watching Frank, it reminded her a little of her own game, since he had to win so much.  And she likes the kind of flashy moves that Dan made in the game, too.  She will "never say never" but would have to think carefully before ever coming back in the BB house again.  She doesn't see herself wanting to do that in the next two years.  (I think she wants to have another baby or two.)

The Interview Guy is trying to do his job, but says that Beau is fondling him and we see Beau bouncing up and down.  He also says that Beau is saying dirty things in his ear.

You know it's bad when Howie is irritated. Howie says he is now a "certified meteorologist" and is trying to find a job doing weather on the air. (This won't help, Howie.)

Janelle addresses the fans, saying she is so thankful for all of our support, and appreciates that we love her every year.

Janelle:  I'm sorry I keep losing!  I suck!

 I think this picture of Beau says it all.

I still have over 3 hours of the Wrap Party to watch and cover.  It's a lot, but I will try to get through it as soon as I can, I promise.

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