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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 1 #BB14

After watching only 12 minutes of this, I can tell I am going to take a million pictures so I will break this up into parts.

Apparently the BB house guests arrived to the party at Tru in Los Angeles in a series of buses or vans.  Kevin Campbell (BB11) was there to greet the arrivals on their way inside.  Spicy from SuperPass then took over from there, with interviews.  And of course there was general schmoozing.

Jodi was up first, and seems to grab a disproportionate share of the limelight, given she only spent about 6 hours in the BB house.  She mentions to Kevin that she didn't even get to be evicted, just booted by Dan.  There was no vote. Unless Jodi starts talking some trash, I think we've heard just about all of the new news we can expect to hear from her. 

Then JoJo Spatafora showed up and gave Kevin a big hug.  She immediately drew his attention to her tits, which she describes as her "weapons".  I'm guessing this is due to the fact that her bodice is covered with silvery spikes, but who the hell knows.

See how blurry this is?  Well, I guess it wouldn't be a live event without some problems.  Right in the middle of the blurry interview, the cameras changed to a wide shot of the crowd.  You can see Kevin interviewing her in tippy top of the right part of the screen.

And then we came back to a clearer picture.  JoJo says the fan response to her has been fantastic, particularly since she only spent 20 days in the house.  She wishes she hadn't "trusted" Willie, but you can't go around in life regretting everything.  Kevin agrees.

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JoJo is whisked off the screen to make way for Wil Heuser, who arrives with his usual flair.  For some reason Kevin thinks it is appropriate to open discuss Wil's hairpiece, even though he's just met him.   (Would Kevin do that to a female guest?   I think not.)

Wil says this whole experience is "unbeweavable" and says he feels for the Jury, and the Final Three.  When he was voted out, he just "wanted to go the hell home", so he can imagine that they are ready to do the same.  He mentions his website,, and invites us to join him there. 

This is kind of funny.  As Wil was leaving, security brought up "Jodi's husband" so he could get into the party.  I guess he didn't have a ticket, so he got shunned.  The bald man with his back to the camera on the far left is Jodi's husband.  The dude sporting a full head of Ken Doll hair is security, I think.

OK.  Now things get interesting.  Janelle and Beau Beasley (BB6) show up together and Kevin asks if they are "besties".  Janelle says they are, and when Beau attempts to tell Kevin that he was "one of her bridesmaids" we immediately know there is a problem.  Beau Beasley was FUCKED UP.  And I mean, FUCKED UP.  He started trying to tell Kevin that he didn't get to watch the show "because he was in Mykonos all summer, but he DVR'ed it"...

Finally they got Beau to stop talking, and Kevin tried to carry on a conversation with Janelle directly, by addressing her before each question, so it was clear to Beau that Janelle was the star here, and no further comments from him were necessary.

Let me try to describe this.  Beau was slurring heavily and slowly.  If I had never seen him before, I would have assumed he was mentally disabled, and drunk.  Seriously.  Or he got into a very bad car accident with brain injuries.  I'm not kidding.  Beau was (and may still be) FUCKED UP.    I always thought Beau was a Coke Whore ("allegedly") but this was not the case tonight.  I'm thinking that everybody had a cocktail or two in the car on the way over, and maybe Beau also popped a few pills.  Some downers or opiates.  It was BAD.  Janelle looked mildly embarrassed at times, but was snapping her gum like a Minnesota girl and seemed relaxed, but sober.  She's a star, and stars know how to give Red Carpet.

Janelle happily chatted about how delusional Danielle was, called her a "crazy bitch".  Janelle also didn't like hearing what Danielle said about the other house guests.   What planet are we on, where Janelle is questioned repeatedly ABOUT FUCKING DANIELLE?  Seriously.  I mean, pardon my French, but I am offended.  I can't believe Production let Janelle go out like that.  I keep hearing that people think Big Brother is rigged, but the fact that Danielle stayed in the house months longer than Janelle proves that fact wrong.  Just ask Alison Grodner.

What is Beau doing there?  Picking something off his tongue?  Touching his teeth?  What kind of drug makes you do that?  Or his he popping a pill?  Lord I hope not, unless Janelle has someone else in her entourage that can baby sit him all night.

Beau interrupted again, saying "he ...........watched ...........last ..............night ................and. ......... Danielle .......................totally .....................blind ...................sided."

Kevin:  Uh, yes.

We get the sense that Kevin is being told to move things along, and the cameras flash to Ian Terry, who is waiting in the wings and chatting with someone.

Ian gets onstage and is immediately manhandled by Beau.

Ian quacks at us, and Janelle has to grab Beau's arm and pull him offstage so Ian can have his moment with Kevin.  And also, frankly, to get Beau offstage as quickly as possible.

Ian is pleasantly surprised to have the fan support that he has--he expected to be hated.  He is going to Vegas, and tells Kevin he never expected that the jury would be so angry at Dan.

Kevin asks about Ian's puka shells.  Ian explains that Jeff Schroeder gave them to him.  I'd wear 'em too,  Ian, if Jeff gave them to me.  Kevin asks if Ian bought that jacket today with the money he won.

Ian: mom bought this for me.

 Kevin spots Ashley off to the side and calls her up, saying Ian, here is your friend Ashley.

Ian:  My friend, yeah.  But she and Frank..........(are apparently gettin' it on)

Ashley:  He always tried to make me jealous by talking about Kristin. (Bitting, from BB12)

Ian takes that opportunity to address Kristin directly, saying that he'd like a date, and to "please hit him up". Ian's going Hollywood already, apparently.

Ashley is in high spirits and sounds energetic and friendly.  The cameras change abruptly to Spicy conducting sit down interviews.

I can tell it is going to take some time to get through this video---it has only been 12 minutes so far!  My god there is a lot!  I will keep working on it for you.

My SuperPass subscription will be cancelled on October 5th, so I will try to bring you all of the new BB14 content up until then.

There is a live chat on October 4th with "three of our favorite BB14 house guests", so I will be able to watch that.

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  1. loooooove it! I missed watching this live on the feeds so I'm excited for these. And LOL at your janelle/beau descriptions. hahaha. Not her first drunk friend, for sure.


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