Sunday, September 30, 2012

SuperPass Finale Interviews - Britney Haynes #BB14

I am trying to watch BB14 SuperPass content that I haven't watched yet, before my subscription ends next week.

I watched some of the interviews live after the Finale, but missed quite a few since I needed to go to bed on the East Coast.

Britney is so happy that Ian won that she thought "her heart would explode".  She says he played such a good game, had such a good attitude, and really deserved it.  She is very proud of him.

 Spicy mentions their friendship and wonders why they bonded so well.  Britney says he reminded her of her own little brother, he's a good person, and she "just loves him to pieces".  She was very protective of him and wanted him to be comfortable and not get upset.  He was one of the few people that she felt she had a good connection with.

I don't know if you can tell, but some smoke started billowing out behind them and they paused for a moment to comment on it.

She says Dan played an amazing game this season and he did what he had to do to get from week to the other.  They weren't all able to do that and all of his lies don't get to her like some of the other players.

Britney:  It's a game.  And if he has to check his morals at the door, it doesn't really offend kind of wows me, that he's bringing that to the table.  He masterminded the entire season and I was impressed by his game play.  I don't have the ability to swear on the Bible like he does, but that is his game, and it was amazing.

Spicy blames this next question on Missy, and says they heard about her rapping in the morning---would she do some for them?  Britney admits that she can do some hard core rapping, but she has to have really loud music and can't do it now.  (She also raps along with Eminem, and Spicy should know that they can't play that or quote his lyrics without a financial penalty.)

Spicy brings up Danielle...they seemed to have a good relationship in the house...what do you think of her game play after you left?

Britney:  I think her gameplay pretty much sucked.  She just did whatever Dan told her to do from one minute to the next.  She rarely made decisions for herself.  Left to her own devices, she would never have gone as far as she did in the game.

Spicy brings up the reset button.  Britney admits "she pushed it" and then we hear Joe being loud across the yard and they both "shush" him.  It made sense for her to push the button, since she only had one player left in the house. She could team up with Shane and then bring in other people to work with---she had to do it.

If she has one regret, she would have kept Janelle over Frank, because Janelle would have never targeted her but she had to do what was best for the team.  Spicy asks about Britney "kicking Ted's ass" and Britney admits it felt good.  She knew that she was leaving the house, and needed to release some tension.

(From the FeedWatcher archives, you can see that moment here.)

Spicy mentions Britney's hilarious DR session and tells Britney some fans think they are totally scripted.  Britney denies that---it is completely false, she says.  When they have an opinion to express, it is completely their own words.  When they have to describe the backyard during a competition, it is not their idea to talk about that, but the other opinions and words all belong to them.

Britney:  There's not even a person to look at in are just sitting on a couch looking at a camera so it is definitely not scripted.

Spicy asks who she would have picked on her team if she had a week to get to know everybody first.  Britney thinks that is a good question, but it depends on who the other coaches were picking.  If she could have picked her Dream Team, she would have picked Frank, Shane and Ian.

Spicy asks how happy she was to see Frank walk into the Jury house.  Britney claims they only fought one time in the Jury house and they got along just fine after that.  They did argue over Dan, but she says he is a great guy and a great player.  No hard feelings on her end, but she admits that she needs to watch the show.  Spicy should get back to her on that.

She is so excited to see her husband and can't wait to go home with him.

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