Sunday, September 30, 2012

SuperPass Finale Backyard Interviews - Dan Gheesling #BB14

I am trying to watch BB14 SuperPass content that I haven't watched yet, before my subscription ends next week.

I watched some of the interviews live after the Finale, but missed quite a few since I needed to go to bed on the East Coast.

Dan basically does the same blah blah blah about how he "couldn't be the nice guy again this just wouldn't work for him."  Being compared to Dr. Will is the ultimate compliment for him, since "Dr. Will was his favorite player growing up".  He got to play against Dr. Will's best friend, but it wasn't the same as playing against Dr. Will.

Spicy jokes she's getting misted by Dan because he is so charming.  He returns the compliment.

Spicy says people thought Dan played a dirty game---is there such a thing in Big Brother?  Dan turns the question back around on her, saying "you tell me".  He can't win 18 competitions in a row, and he doesn't think the new players signed an "anti-backstabbing" oath.

Part of him wanted to win again, to be the best, but he came up a little short.  The money would have been life-changing to win again for his family.

Spicy compliments Chelsea, Dan's wife and he says that she is indeed a very special girl.  When he came out of the house he approached her and just wanted to know that she is okay.  He knows he put her through a lot, and the fans can be rough.  He gets a plug in for her charity.

Spicy asks why Dan let Shane stay in the house for so long?  One of Dan's regrets was not taking him out the first time he could have, during the live show.  He wasn't going to make that mistake twice.  Spicy brings up the Funeral and he says it was surprising how much chaos that created.  Dan had that whole 24 hours to work on a plan.  When he came out of isolation he pretended to be checked out of the game and that was all part of his plan to disarm people.

Spicy wonders if Dan is planning a career in acting or politics.  Dan laughs and says he has no acting plans, but if "Mitt Romney needs some help with his speech, he can call him".  Dan says the players this season could "kill the other seasons", and mentions having two tough competitors like Frank and Shane in one season.  He also names Ian as a competitor, and feels fortunate to get as far as he did in such a tough competitive environment.

Dan gives a shout out to the "real player fans" and says he may have shocked some of us, but he'd like to hear from us.  He's still the same guy.

Spicy:  Did you know the audience cheered when Shane called you a dirty player?

Dan didn't hear that, but he did hear the "Satan" comment and thought it was funny.  He says we can't all "be Ians" but he was that way in his first season.

Dan can't believe that some people think Ian is a villain.  Dan says they "have to keep him out of Hollywood".  Dan says he is not hurt by the finale and what people said.  He will talk to anyone who wants to talk to him, naming Shane and Frank.  He thinks some of them will need some help coping with the whole experience.  He credits people who helped him (Mike Boogie) and says he reached out to Jordan after she won to return the favor.

Spicy:  Why Jodi?  Why did you pick Jodi?

Dan:  I didn't pick Jodi..

Spicy:  No, why did you pick her to leave?

Dan:  Well, I asked Kara and Danielle outside who she wanted to go to battle with, and they both named each other.

Dan mentions all of the chaos Jodi created during her short time in the house, and that they talked about it every day.  He's glad she wasn't around to continue that, but then adds that "he needs to reconnect with her sometime".

(Jodi called out Jenn as a lesbian to the entire group before she had a chance to do it herself, accused Danielle of having fake teeth, Frank of being independently wealthy, etc etc etc)

Spicy asks what he will miss in the BB14 house.  Dan says the situation is different this year, since he's married, but he will miss little things like hanging out in the pool with Ian.

Dan:  I'm not gonna lie...last time I didn't want to leave the house, and this time I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Spicy:  Who are you going to keep in touch with, and are there any hard feelings?

Dan:  No, not on my end.  I'll definitely keep in touch with the Quack Pack, as long as Shane doesn't try to kill, no hard feelings on my end.   If there is anything I can do for them, or if I can help anybody get on Big Brother please reach out and let me know.

He has a lot to make up for with Chelsea after leaving her for 75 days and wants to go home and spend "every waking moment" with her.  He wants to get back to normal life and maybe write another book.  As the interview ends Dan quotes Justin Beiber, saying "he'll never say never" about appearing on the show again, but it's hard to think about that now.

(No questions about Crazy Danielle?  Or telling Shane on his say out that Danielle was playing him?  Hmmm.)

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