Thursday, September 13, 2012

So Who Got Nominated? And Who Won the POV? #BB14

Danielle nominated Dan and Ian for eviction.  Danielle also won the POV, so she has total control there.

And, at the moment, so does Shane.  Unless Danielle decides to use the POV, he will have the sole vote to evict either Dan or Ian.

Dan is pushing Dani to use the POV.  I think that decision will happen tonight on the live show.  If she uses the POV to save Dan and nominate Shane, then Dan will hold the deciding vote.

Either way, I am pretty sure Ian will be headed off to the jury.


  1. This blows.

    She is the last person in the house that I wanted to be in this position of power near the end of the game.

    I really wanted Ian to win. But I'm glad he gets to experience the jury house, at least, officially leaving 3 of the most boring people in the house.

  2. Well, I didn't see it myself, but supposedly Danielle told Dan she will use the POV to save him, with the thought that Dan will send Ian to the Jury House.

    If Danielle does that, Dan told the cameras today that he is going to send Shane home.

    Now, I'm not particularly a Shane fan, and I am damn sure not an Ian fan, but I would be very interested in seeing Danielle flip out after Dan does this.

    I think Dani and Ian would both take Dan to the end, but Shane would not. So I can see why Dan says Shane has to go....

  3. And I have come to the conclusion that if the nominations stay the same that Shane will come to the conclusion that it is in his best interests to get rid of Dan, since Dan won't bring him to the end and Ian possibly would.

    It makes more sense in either circumstance to leave Ian in the game. So maybe this is all going to work out well...


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