Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sid and Sabrina Vicious Speak #BB14

I guess that is actually Sid and Sabrina Eudy, but whatever.  Frank's parents have been proudly watching him every week on Big Brother, and have been giving regular interviews to a local Memphis radio station to discuss their beloved son.

There are quite a few audio postings at this link to choose from, including this one where they discuss Willie wanting to fight Sid Vicious, as well as Frank's own considerable wrestling skills and training.  The Eudy's also discuss their love for gardening, and other various household topics.  Sounds like some reality TV producers have also been sniffing around them...wanting to explore future opportunities....

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  1. Are you gonna post updates about developments to this story?

    Russell Hantz challenged Sid Vicious to a "real" fight and not a fake wrestling match, and Sid Vicious says he could take him on with both hands tied behind his back and is up to the challenge but thinks that Russell is all talk. He even said he could take on Russell and Willie at the same time, I believe.

    It is all so silly, and I don't support the idea of fighting as a way to settle differences. However I'd be interested in knowing how this story develops but probably won't go out of my way to follow it.

    It would be cool, though, if you provided us with updates on what develops just because it is a novel situation.


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