Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sh*t is Going Down Today #BB14

The house guests were ignoring the wake up call they got today, and the cheerful reminder to get fresh batteries in the storage room.

But then we got FISH and everybody is jumping around now.  I think Danielle said that they told them they have 30 minutes to get ready for a live show.  Danielle complained her hair looks like a big grease spot.

I think this means that they are either filming Showtime now, or will start shortly.  The live eviction will happen later today, and then the live feed will be interrupted until the TV show airs on Wednesday.  As they do every year, Production wants to keep the eviction results secret until the CBS show airs.  So the live feeds and Showtime won't be giving it away.

I'll be giving it away, though, as soon as I found out who got evicted.  There is a live audience for the eviction, and CBS can't sequester those folks.  They will spill the beans, as they do every year.

I know Dan and Ian know what's up....but I'm not sure Danielle, Shane and Jenn know.  I heard Shane say he thinks it is a fast forward or something. 

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