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Shane Meaney Vents with Jeff Schroeder #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down with Shane Meaney for a chat the day after Shane's brutal blindside that eliminated him from the game in fourth place.  It is important to remember that Shane gave Danielle his approval to use the POV to save Dan and nominate him.  She may have done it even if he didn't approve, but that's a moot point.  He okay'ed the move, and now he's here, sitting with Jeff.

(I would love to see a reel of the evicted house guests meeting Jeff.  He's a Big Brother star, and they have a few minutes to meet and chat before each interview starts.  He's kind of a big deal, so I'd like to see that.)

Shane is very bitter and angry. It was a rough night for him and he hasn't slept yet.  It was a complete blindside and he thought he had a final three deal with Dan and Danielle.  He didn't even pack his suitcase.  He says he should have known better, playing against Dan Gheesling.  Jeff says that he's heard that a lot lately.  It's just fine with Shane if he never speaks with Dan ever again.  Shane says it's personal, and he's pissed.  Shane is a man of his word, and what Dan did is not okay with him.

Jeff says he "wore a pink shirt in honor of Shane".  Shane says it looks better on Jeff than it does on him.

Jeff wonders if he ever questioned Danielle's loyalty.  Shane says he was up all night, worrying and fretting over this.  Was Danielle as shocked as he was?  Or was she a collaborator?  Shane thinks she did have a part in his eviction, and that "really destroys him".  (Little does he know she was just as naive about Dan as he was.)  Jeff says he'll know the truth in just five days.  Shane says he made it 69 days in that house..just 6 days short.  Jeff says he went out fifth in his season, so he understands that pain. Shane knows that he was on the block against Jordan, and is thankful he wasn't against Danielle on the block.

Shane says again that he didn't sleep a wink, and he wishes he had told Danielle "No" when she brought up using the POV.  He's been kicking himself all night about it.  Jeff says it's hard not to run through all of those scenarios--he understands.  Jeff can feel how bummed Shane is.

Jeff says his relationship with Danielle was heating up there in the last week or so--was that real or just strategy?

Shane says it was 100% real.  He really tried to keep it quiet, so they wouldn't be a target.  He didn't want everyone to know how intimate he was with her, so he told Danielle that they could have "their alone time", but nobody else could know.  Shane says Jeff should be able to relate to that, but then he says that Jeff didn't try and hide how he felt about Jordon.

Jeff:  No, I was trying to get in there!

Shane says he really didn't want that showmance target on him, but it ended up being there anyway.  He says that he lives in Vermont, and she lives in Alabama, so a long distance relationship would be a lot easier if he won and could afford to fly.

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Jeff brings up his meeting the Fierce Five and says that they are a huge deal right now, but he knows that Shane didn't get to watch the Olympics.  Shane "had to bow down to them" when he met them, not the other way around, even though they were so tiny.  Shane says they are almost as big as meeting Jeff Schroeder!  Shane liked spending time with Danielle outside of the house, when no one else was watching them.  They still had camera crews with them, but it was much different outside of the house.  He says it was 100% true feelings on his end.

He's going to stay in touch with her, and see what happens.

Jeff:  Going to take it slow?

Shane:  I'm not taking it slow!  No!  I've been taking it slow all summer!  I'm all wound up!  It's been too long!

Jeff laughs and says there is only 6 more days!

He thinks Ian has the best chance to win the game right now.  He loves the game and is good at puzzles and endurance contests.  He is hoping Danielle makes it to the end, of course.  He's not pulling for Dan at all---he repeats again that he never wants to speak to him again.  Jeff tells him anything can happen---Jordan pulled out a few wins at the the end of BB11 and she ended up taking the prize.  If Danielle wins Shane will be happy.

Jeff asks his hair question---between Wil, Frank and Shane, who has the best hair?  Jeff says he awarded Wil's hair the Gold medal, and Shane wins Silver.

Shane:  Well, his hair is extensions, so if that changes anything...

Jeff:  But it's pretty.  I talk about this every time.

Shane:  Wil has really nice legs...I'll say that.  Not that I'm checking him out!

Jeff:  Settle down over there..

When Danielle used the POV last night, he still thought everything was fine, but when Dan mentioned splitting up the couple in the house, he knew he was being evicted.  He thinks he said goodbye to Dani, but isn't really sure.  He thinks he may have pushed Dan away at the door, but he says he really wanted to headbutt him. Shane doesn't really know what Dan said to him, but he mentioned Jenn and Danielle.  (I think Dan told Shane to tell Jenn that Danielle was behind her eviction, but I'm not sure.)

Jeff says he can relate to that.  When he left he didn't get to say his goodbyes, either, and his head was just so dark and angry.  He understands.  It's tough when you leave the game like that.

Jeff says that he thought Shane was a goner early in the game.  He had a huge target on him from the beginning and had to win every competition back then to stay in the game.  Then he did a good job of falling off the radar until last night.

Shane says his HoH nominations got screwed by the reset (Frank was getting blindsided, remember?) but then the reset ended up letting him relax a little as the Coaches became the big targets.  Shane kind of takes over the interview for a minute and takes Jeff''s notepad, and wants to know how Jeff felt when he was evicted last year.  Jeff says that it was a double eviction night, and he didn't even know he would have to play for his life.  And he was friends with Shelly and he didn't expect for her to turn on him.

Jeff mentions having to get evicted in his tank top---at least Shane was dressed nicely.   Shane says he had "mad pit stains" last night.   Jeff thought that Shane was going to team up with Willie and Frank at the beginning of the game, and that would have been fun to watch.  Shane agrees, but said Willie sure messed that up for all of them, which left him as the biggest target.  Shane thought he couldn't trust Frank, so he didn't want to work with him, but now he wonders if that would have been better than working with Dan.  Jeff says he's going to drive himself crazy with all of the scenarios.

Jeff makes the Quack Pack motion and asks Shane how he feels about that.  Shane says that it's biting him in the butt right now.  Jeff says he did get to the Final Four with his team, and that is "pretty sick" out of 16 people.  Jeff says the next person who leaves is going to feel even worse, for getting that close.  Shane says if that happens to Dan he will be so happy!

Shane thought Britney was a great coach because of her social game, but she didn't win anything to protect him.  He talked to Dan before the Coachs made their picks, and was hoping that Dan would pick him for his team.  Shane told Dan that he should pick him, but admits he hadn't seen Dan's season and he heard he did some shady stuff.  Jeff says he'll learn that soon enough and they laugh.  Shane thinks he would have butted heads with Mike Boogie, and probably Janelle too. It was hard having to work with a team that was picked for you, and Shane mentions having to work with Willie.

Jeff:  Oooo yeah. Willie.

Jeff says there are only six days left until the show ends and Shane votes for a winner.  And he might get a little squeeze from Danielle, too.  Jeff says it might even be a big squeeze if she comes home with all of that cash!

Jeff give Shane kudos for his performance in that last competition..he knew all of the dates that everything happened. Jeff was impressed with Shane in the competitions.  Shane is reliving how he lost that last challenge and Jeff says he can feel his pain.

Shane says that his parents are struggling financially, and he was keeping his focus on them throughout the game, and all of the ways that the money would help them.  Jeff jokes that they shouldn't turn this into Barbara Walters.  He says that Shane got a lot of exposure and he could get some opportunities from this.

Jeff:  Look at me!  Look at me now!

Jeff says the evicted house guests all talked about working out with Shane.  Jeff says maybe there is a Shane video out there waiting to be made.  Jeff gets him to say that he was in Cosmopolitan's Bachelor of the Year competition but "he lost that too, which is good".  His sister submitted pictures for him and he says it was a good learning experience.

Jeff has a surprise for Shane.  He has two sets of puka shells for them to wear.  Shane puts his on easily but then Jeff has big problems fastening his own necklace.  Shane has to help him but I think the clasp is broken.


Shane:  I'm good.  Step your game up!

Jeff:  It's broke!  Mine's broke!

Jeff tells him he asked everybody about Shane's puka beads, and it's been a long running joke.  Shane says "no worries" and is a good sport about it.

Jeff:  If you've got no money, put these babies on Ebay and sell 'em!

Jeff wraps it up and says Shane will be back on Wednesday to vote for the winner of BB14.  Two good looking dudes, wearing matching necklaces.

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