Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shane Looks Good, But Feels Horrible #BB14

Shane meets Spicy in the backyard and seems so sad.  He is very disappointed and says that neither he or Danielle wants a long distance relationship, so "it doesn't look good".

He never went to the Jury House, but instead he was alone for six days in a hotel room.  He says he didn't get very much sleep this week.  He's going home to face a lot of bills and has no job.  He says it is going to be rough.

Spicy tries to be supportive.  Maybe something will come out of this for him.  Shane says he never watched Big Brother before April, and watched most of BB11.  He claims that Britney had to explain what to do with the POV.


Spicy is sweating up a storm and begs someone to give her a napkin or something.


  1. Oh. Poor Shane! :(

    But yeah, I am sure some modelling jobs are out there for him, at the very least.

  2. Maybe a tv show where people watch him flip houses. or something?


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