Thursday, September 20, 2012

Robyn Kass Gets her Party On #BB14

Another season in the record books, casting underway for Big Brother Canada...Robyn Kass celebrates her good fortune.

With Frank and Ashley.  Those two had a good time at the Jury House.  Ashley said she was smitten, but was realistic about it, given the distance between their homes.

With Ian.  Ian went to a casting call and sat at a table with a few other BB14 hopefuls.  He said he was himself, and wasn't sure if he made an impression.  Robyn wasn't there, but one of her associates was...

First picture I've seen so far with Wil and Janelle together.  Janelle told Spicy last night that "she and Wil are friends....but I have a lot of friends".  Love Mike Boogie's Frank Eudy T-shirt.

Wow JoJo looks huge in that dress, huh?  I guess that is why celebrities need stylists, to make sure their clothes will photograph well.  JoJo is tiny, but you'd never know that from this picture.

 And that is Memphis Garrett and Jeff, of course, backstage.

 Robyn gets a piece of Shane.

 Brendon was there, too!  Love the nerdy glasses look he's sporting.  Where is Mrs. Villegas?


  1. It's incredibly unprofessional of Kass to socialize with current and former HGs. Her tolerance for butt kissing must be extraordinary.

    1. What's unprofessional about it?

  2. As a casting director, Robyn uses her networks to find people for all sorts of projects. It makes sense for her to socialize with the current and former house guests.

    She's not their boss or anything. Even in corporate America, people schmooze. I worked for a Fortune 100 company for over a decade and the executives were always hosting happy hours and even parties at their homes with the staff.

    It's good for morale.

  3. Does anyone know where I can get a shirt like Mike's? Love Frank & really want a shirt like that!!

  4. Mike is such an opportunist I'm sure he is selling it alongside his Geisha House baseball jerseys and Chilltown shirts. :P

    Great job Ian! =)

  5. Frank's friends started selling those shirts way back at the beginning of the season. I think Frank's whole family was wearing them when CBS aired that segment at their house.

    I remember looking at them online--you can probably just google them.


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