Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post Finale Action #BB14

James Rhine was out and about after the BB14 Finale.  He was pulling for Dan to win, but went out there and partied like a professional, anyway.

Here's a Big Brother sandwich consisting of James, Frank, JoJo, Janelle and Howie.

Frank told James that he loved him, son.  (I will tire of the "son" references at some point, but not today.)

I guess James got up close and personal with Shanielle.  I guess they figured out that the Fierce Five lied to them about who America liked or didn't like.

James wasn't allowed to attend the Finale, even in the green room.  Bummer.

I agree with James about this.  Dan's speech made me cringe.  It was so cheesy and rehearsed, clearly pandering to the crowd.  He should have stepped up his game when Ian made that great presentation to America and the Jury.

I love James.  I don't care if he ignores my tweets.  I'm no Cat Lady James.  ***sniff***  I have a dog, son!

Here's the Big Brother goddess herself, moments before showtime.  Janelle stole the show in her Herve Legere dress.  

And here's Ian quacking with Janelle.  That's one for his scrapbook, huh?

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