Sunday, September 16, 2012

Party Week in L.A. #BB14

Big Brother finale week is a great excuse for former house guests to get together and party.  Last night at Geisha House (owned by Mike Boogie, of course) there was a party for Robyn Kass's birthday.  Robyn is a casting director who casts for many TV shows, including Big Brother, of course.

According to James Rhine's twitter, the party was attended by Kara Monaco (BB14), Kalia (BB13), Jeff Schroeder (BB11 & BB13), Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13) and Russell (BB11).

You'd think Russell could have put on a proper shirt, right?  It's a good thing he knows the owner---I'm not even sure that T-shirt meets the dress code.  And I won't mention the hat.

 But enough about that....who will hook up with Kara?

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