Friday, September 14, 2012

Not all of the Fish are Dead #BB14

There is still at least one big one alive, and several little tiny ones.

I think what is actually happening now is that they are enjoying some sort of gourmet brunch and that is why they were locked down in the HOH suite---the crew was downstairs setting it up and that is why they wanted Dan to take out some trash this morning.  Because you know they left an open pizza box right there on the kitchen counter all night.  Slobs, all of them.

They will eat their breakfast, and will be required to stare at the Memory Wall and speak about each evicted house guest, but probably in a somewhat nice way.  This will provide the structure for Sunday's CBS show---they will intersperse clips from the season to look back at all of the action.

If Jenn had stayed, they would have likely let her eat this special meal.  They are also likely to drink champagne, so we may have Drunk Danielle to deal with today.  And that will be Dan's problem, won't it?  His biggest fear right now is probably having Danielle and Ian compare notes about him.....I'm sure Dan will do whatever he needs to do to keep that from happening.

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