Sunday, September 9, 2012

No POV Yet. A Luxury Prize Instead. #BB14

And it seems to be something that Shane and Dani are participating in.  Dan helped Shane pick out a dress shirt and I think he is ironing it for him.  Shane went upstairs to take a shower in the HoH.   Danielle is rushing to put her make up on.  They don't have much time--they are going to leave the house!

Dan and Jenn chat about it and they think it might be a red carpet event.  Jenn tells Dan that CBS is affiliated with Viacom, which owns MTV, so it could be the movie awards, or the video awards.  Those shows tape around 5:00, so the timing works.

Jenn tells Dan to "work his magic...she's not stupid". 

Then Jenn comes back to Dan and points up, indicating that one morning they are going to hear one of her songs play.

Dan:  You gotta wake me up if that happens...come get me

Jenn:  I super duper promise that.

A few minutes later Jenn says that it is probably a movie premiere.  The card said something about "seeing the stars".  Danielle doesn't know what to wear, so Jenn says wear something you will be comfortable in.  She mentions a friend that she helped dress for some awards show and her friend said she needed something that would look and feel great after sitting down in it.  Jenn says but maybe you're a pageant girl, so wearing something fancy might be okay for her.

Jenn is excited for her.  They go to the bedroom to look at the clothes.  Jenn picks a green dress that has ruffles and says the color is good for her.  Danielle is happy Jenn is there for her.  Now they pick out shoes.  Danielle puts the dress on over her bathing suit and has Jenn help her remove it.  Jenn helps her close the zipper and then says "Boom".

Danielle does look good in the dress.  Jenn likes it with the wedges, but wants to see the flats to be sure.  Dani says the wedges are comfortable, so Jenn says to wear them.  Jenn says don't wear that if it makes you feel "like a hooch", and Danielle says she doesn't.  She was worried that the dress was too short for high heels.

Jenn:  One thing I know how to do is to dress the ladies.  Now c'mon, let's do this...

They go back to the bathroom so Danielle can do her hair.  Jenn helps with the microphone.

Dan asked Ian about BB4--Jun Song was the HOH and got to leave the house to fly to New York and attend the MTV Music Awards.  (She was called to the DR and never came back.  Everyone was left to wonder about her, and they had a guessing game to see if they could figure it out.  Jun was gone for about 24 hours.)

Dan tells Ian that at least they don't have to worry about Shane going to the Jury House for dinner or something like that, where Frank could poison his mind.  (In BB10, Dan won a luxury trip for himself and a guest---he did not tell the BB10 HG that, but took a jury member with him.  It was Michelle, and they went to a desert island for a barbeque and worked her for a vote the entire time.)

(Maybe Shane did have that choice, but didn't take it.  He should have picked Britney, if so.)

Jenn thinks it will be an MTV event.  Shane wishes all of them could go.  Dan tells them to look out of the windows of the car, but they will be blindfolded for the first part of the journey.  Shane is in shock that they will leave.  I hope Shane is going to shave.

Dan is excited to have news from them when they return.  He wants them to look out of the window at "gas prices" and other stuff.  Dan thinks the limo will pull up right at Hollywood and Highland and they will get out.  They joke that Jodi will be there..

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