Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mike Boogie and Janelle Appear at the BB11 Finale

If you've been a Big Brother fan for a few years, then you know that the season finale of BB11 was a two-hour extravaganza.  The ratings were super high that year, due in no small part to the Jeff and Jordan phenomena, and also the drama of the Coup d 'Etat and Chima Simone getting booted for bad behavior. 

Big Brother got out their checkbook for this Finale, and had a special segment on finale night with Janelle Pierzina, Mike Boogie, Evel Dick and Danielle Reyes.  This clip from the show lets us see these All Stars and hear what the have to say.

A few highlights:

*  Mike Boogie tells Julie Chen he bought a Bentley with his BB7 winnings.
*  He gives Julie Chen a baby gift from Tiffany's.  Janelle gossiped about that little present this season, telling the BB14 girls that Julie didn't even open the box and left it there, under her seat.  I think the term Janelle used for Mike during this discussion was "butt-kissing douchebag".
*  No one picks Jordan to win.  In fact, they mention wanting Kevin to win.  Who?
*  Check out Evel Dick's posture on stage.  Sitting there like he owns the place.

Another little tidbit of information....I heard Janelle say on the BB14 live feeds that BB used to let former house guests sit in the audience for the show.  I remember this, and have seen Janelle sit in the audience for season #8 finale, I think.  And I've seen Kaysar, Howie, James, and other former players in the audience, too.

Well, she said that BB won't let them sit in the audience anymore--they have to watch the show from the Green Room with the Juror's families.  The feeds got interrupted while she said this, so I couldn't hear her entire statement,  but I think she said that people on the live feeds were talking shit about a former house guest, and then that house guest was sitting right there in the audience.....

I don't know if this was the finale, or a regular live show, but I think the implication was that words were said.  Maybe even threats.  Certainly something Production doesn't want to have to worry about as they produce a live show.

It had to be someone with a temper, right?  To have the balls to try and disrupt the show or make a scene because you are angry about what someone said about you on the live feeds?  Who could that be?  Evel Dick?  Russell Kairouz?  Anybody know?


And speaking of Chima, she was such a raging bitch on BB11 that for the first time Production decided to not air a Thursday show live.  Instead, they pre-taped it and then replayed it shortly afterwards on CBS.  Chima was the HOH, and she knew that someone had a special power that might be used that night.  She said repeatedly that if  someone messed with her nominations, CBS better get that bleep button ready, because she was going to go off.

Production believed her, and made the decision to pre-tape the show so everything could just play out and be edited before broadcast.  Plenty of former house guests have made some bold statements about what they would do live, but Production had reason to believe Chima would to through with it.

Why?  Just look at the little stunt she pulled on the first live show of the season, when she was up against Braeden for eviction.  I love the way Julie handles her.  And I mean, HANDLES her.  Did that bitch know Julie's husband is the President of CBS?  He practically runs Show Business, and Chima wanted a broadcast career.  How did that work out for you, Chima?


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