Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Memphis Garrett Tweets #BB14

Memphis Garrett has been watching his old buddy Dan Gheesling from the sidelines this year, and has been chatting with the fans a lot lately.

Will Memphis be at the BB14 finale?

 Does he think Dan thinks Danielle is nuts?

 Do you think he's going to allow Ian to be an Official Renegade?

FYI - Some of you may know that Memphis Garrett went to FSU.  None of you know where I went to school, but I may or may not be an alumni of FSU, too.  The mascot of the football team is a horse named Renegade who comes out on the field before every home game.  There is a studly "Indian" called Chief Osceola who rides Renegade and plants a firey spear in the middle of the field just before kickoff.  Seriously it is one of college football's best mascots and every football announcer on TV says that when they watch it.

***ALSO***  I may or may not have made out with Chief Osceola before, and this may or may not have occurred on a steamy night at The Phyrst.  That's all I'm sayin'...  I will say that I feel a good booze buzz just looking at this picture.  If you've never gone to a Saturday football game at a big university, you'd better put that on your Bucket List before it is too late.....

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