Thursday, September 6, 2012

Live Show Updates #2 #BB14

Now the live HOH contest. It's called Make Your Case.  Name the house guest and there will be seven quotes.

Jenn gets one point.  Only one to get the first one right.
Jenn, Dan and Danielle all get a point.
Joe, Shane, Dan and Danielle get a point.
Jenn Dan and Danielle each get a point, and are tied for the lead at 3 points.
Jenn Dan and Danielle get another point.  All tied at 4.
Again, same thing.  All tied at 5.
Last question:  No one got it right.

Now the chalkboards.  Closest to the number will win.

How many minutes since Jodi was in the BB house, to the nearest minutes.

They all scribble.  Who will win?

Dan wins HOH.

Dan huddles with Ian and Danielle, and others gather and break it up by hugging. 

Dan's nominations next.  I am shocked he's going to get blood on his hands!

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