Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live Show Update #6 #BB14

Now the speeches.  Ian is first.  He has never lost a speech, and tonight will be no different.  Ian is going to be aggressive and Dan says he expects it. Ian is disgusted at what he has heard from Dan. Ian's speech is awesome, really.  Makes a great case and Dan taps his shoulder.

Dan goes next.  Calling out Frank and Shane as huge competitors.  Coming out of the reset, he was intimidated by everyone.  He was ruthless because he had to be. He had to be despicable, hosting his own funeral.

Danielle does an extreme fish face while Dan spoke.  He is hurried, and some of them are shaking their heads.  Vote for who played the game, not who relied on finding a gold ball, not who had a photographic memory, but who played the game.

Ashley votes, smiles and laughs.  Now Frank, who gets the word Preesh in there.  Joe votes, now Jenn.  Dan calls out Jenn City, and tells the crowd that Jenn sold over a million records.  Jen thanks Dan and Ian asks if Dan is kissing butt at the last minute.

Shane casts his vote.  Now Danielle.  The only reason she is voting like this is to keep her word.

Who got the votes?  Julie will read them later.  It's going to be close.

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  1. I am very surprised that everyone is acting this way. They all seem so calm.


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