Thursday, September 6, 2012

Live Show Update #6 #BB14

Right as the show went to commercial, everyone got up and bolted, leaving Danielle and Joe in the nomination chairs.

Finally Danielle stood up to meet Shane, looking stunned as they walked off camera.  Wow to be in that house right now.  Crazy.

Julie welcomes us back.  Danielle or Joe will leave.

Danielle is barefoot.  Her speech is fast, to the point.  Rather pageant like.  Now we hear from Joe.  Blah blah blah.

Now we vote.

Shane:  Vote to evict Joe.
Jenn:  Joe, with heaviest of hearts
Ian, holding up his POV:  Joe

Joe will leave.  Joe is evicted.  Danielle cries.  Joe hugs everyone, his bags are already packed.

He comes out Whooping like Elvis, thanking the crowd.

The house guests whisper.  Danielle sits with Jenn in the Arcade.  Joe's face fades to black and white.

Joe sits with Julie.  He jokes about trying to play against a showmance.  Julie asked if he threw any challenges and he laughed and said no.

Julie asks about his facial hair and he calls it his "Mini Claus".  He is a good sport and kept the crowd going. 

I hope Jenn knows how to make those slop burgers and slop cookies.

As the show ends Danielle is with Dan in the Arcade, whispering.  Enough with the whispering. 

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  1. Why did Joe not say in his speech, "I'm alone in this house, and I haven't won any competitions. It is smart of you to keep me here because I suck at this game and you will absolutely beat me. You can't say the same about Danielle." Ugh I wish Danielle and her craziness had been evicted. But yay Ian!


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