Thursday, September 13, 2012

Live Show Update #5 #BB14

Now it's time for the POV ceremony.  Ian makes his first live speech on BB14.  Talks about his dog suit with a corny joke at the end.  Dan is very rehearsed as usual.  He plugs his books, and says he will write another one about this experience.  Very glib.  Cocky, maybe.

Danielle stands with the POV around her neck.  It's nothing personal.  She uses the POV to save Dan.  Ian's eyebrows go up.  Shane sits in the nomination chair.

Each of them must address Dan before he casts a vote to evict.

Shane is shocked to make a speech.  He pulls it out, saying some grateful words and saying good things about everyone.  Nice words to Ian about his future.  He has sweet words for Danielle.  He mentions shaking Dan's hand, and wants his vote tonight.

Ian stands and says he is shocked the POV was used.  Ian then quacks and says a few short words to all.

Dan is standing and is voting now.  It is a long speech about bloody hands.  He votes to evict Shane.  Danielle is stunned.  Shocked.  Shane is PISSED and pushes Dan away from him at the door.

Danielle drops her head in her hands.  He takes Danielle out of the room and Ian follows. Dan goes to the Arcade with Danielle and shuts the door.  Danielle is calm.  Dan is talking his way out of it.

Danielle:  How many times have you broken my trust?

Dan counts votes for Danielle, making this sound good for her.  Ian is alone in the living room, pacing and toying with something.

Shane goes black and white.  He tells Julie that he was lied to.  Shane is upset and he might cry.  Julie wants to know what Dan said at the door.  Shane is teary and is sniffing.  He is very hurt and I think he thinks Danielle was in on it.

Shane tells Julie that "Dan is very dirty player."  The audience claps.

He might have a future with Danielle.  Anything is possible.  He is going to Jury and will be back next week to choose the winner.

That was rough.


  1. So when is part one of the HOH?

  2. A fabulous outcome!

  3. The shot of Danielle's face when Shane was evicted will replayed to death by BB in the future... LOL stupid girl


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