Thursday, September 6, 2012

Live Show Update #4 #BB14

The live POV is next.  Ian is nominated with Joe.  It is all happening now.  Maybe Ian just realized that Dan doesn't want to go to the end with anybody who can beat him.

Like Frank. And you.

All house guests will play in the POV.  There is an undersea theme.  Swimming with Sharks is the name.  Something is bleeped. There is a maze they must work through.

This is probably great for Ian.  Everyone is neck and neck.  More bleeping.  Jaws type theme, but like Muzak.  Joe is winning, it seems.  And Ian is very close behind.  Ian is leading.  Danielle coming up now.  Ian is going to win.  It's a puzzle where you go back and forth. 

Very tense.  Ian still close to the end.    Ian wins and is back to punch the buzzer.  The crowd goes wild and Ian is bleeped cursing as he grabs his POV and puts it around his neck.

He's pissed.  How will Dan explain this away?

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