Thursday, September 13, 2012

Live Show Update #3 #BB14

The POV looks like chemistry elements, linking pictures of former house guests and competitions.  The rules are long and complicated.  Ian quacks as they start the competition.

Danielle:  Oh my gosh.  Quack.

Danielle and Shane get lots of air time. Nice to see the color pictures of everyone.  Ian finishes first but has many things wrong.  He's not happy.  Dan can hear him making "weird monster noises" as he kind of freaks out.  Shane buzzes and he's wrong.  Ian buzzes again and he's wrong.   And a third time, Ian can't figure it out.

Danielle buzzes but only gets two wrong.  Ian tries it a few more times, and is messing up his board even more.  Finally Danielle wins.  Shane celebrates and they hug.  She is happy to hold all of the power again.

Shane kisses her on the lips this time, saying he wanted some sugar.

Ian thinks he may be doomed.  The POV ceremony is next.

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