Thursday, September 13, 2012

Live Show Update #2 #BB14

Now we see the beautiful Jury House.  Ashley is there meditating and blowing bubbles.  The back yard is gorgeous and I think they may be in the desert.  Lots of marble and earth tones.  Big money house.

She hopes Dan shows up but it's Britney today.  Ashley is tan but has gained 20 pounds, she says.  She made a dream board for Frank.  She is so happy to hear he was HOH and he evicted Britney.

Bad, bad look for Britney in her Jury House confessional.  Kinky hair, frosty makeup.  Very San Fernando porn, in some scenes.

Now Frank is there and says "Daddy's Home!" He is wearing his Brady T-shirt and Mardi Gras beads.  Ashley is happy and tells us they are going to make out.  Frank tells them Dan lied to him.

Ashley can't believe Dan fooled him again.  Now Britney and Frank are yelling about who betrayed who.  There is an echo in that big marble room.  Frank sounds loud.  They have drinks and wait for the next person.

And now Joe is there and Frank reacts.  Joe looks good and I think they all have sangria.  Joe is loud in there, too, and talks about the backstabbing.

Now Frank and Britney have beef again.  She is yelling and Ashley is right there by Frank, looking spacey.  Oh, Frank yelling the Eff Word.  He's getting bleeped, son!

Joe has to get up and get more booze.  Lots of tension.  The POV is next.

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