Thursday, September 6, 2012

Live Show Update #1

Julie Chen says tonight we may see more blindsides.  The opening film clips paint Dan as a liar and a dangerous player.

We see the house guests.  Frank is wearing his Julie Chen is my Homegirl T-shirt.  Jenn is dressed kind of sexy in a black strappy mini dress and black cowboy boots.  Shane is wearing a dress shirt.  Danielle is wearing a sofa print strapless dress.

We see footage of Frank getting got, in a long slow way.  He even gets the "do-do" music in the background while he watches Dan lie and weasel out of it.  You know, the idiot music.

Joe yells at us in the DR wearing a blue shirt.  (Or was that last week?)  Ian prepares for take off in the new hammock, swinging back and forth.   Scenes are shown that make Joe look like a strategist, but all the live feeders know that doesn't tell the true story.

We get to see Dan whisper!  And then catch Joe in a lie!

Now Julie tells the cast the deal --tonight two will leave the house in the season's 2nd Double Eviction.  Frank says "oh my goodness".  Joe looks really great in a chambray shirt and jeans.  No shit. No chef jacket for a change.

Frank's speech is humble and he asks for help and pledges loyalty. Joe speaks plainly and does a good job.  Voting with the heart and all.

Now, the vote:

Dan:  Frank, with a shout out to Dan's effing website
Danielle:  Frank.
Jenn:  Joe.  (no hand signals, ha ha)
Shane:  Frank

Julie will break the news now.  Frank is evicted, and breathes heavily.   He grabs Ted and goes, hugging only Jenn at the door.  Dan calls out that he is a great competitor.  Frank mumbles "thanks" (not Preesh) and leaves the house.

He comes out smiling, but his heart is broken.  He was breathing heavily and saying "whooo". Julie asked him to sit down with her.

The house guests all hug each other after he leaves.

Now Frank tells Julie that he is shell shocked.  Once again, Dan and Danielle lied to him.

Julie says you only hugged Jenn.  Frank says that Dan "put his hand on the Bible and lied to him".

Frank is articulate, and emotional, with a little bit of funny.

Now the goodbye messages.  Joe says he has a huge ego and should have evicted Dan.  Ian has a sweet but honest message.  Shane has one.  No message from Danielle.  Frank watches Dan's message and says he has a lot of hard feelings when Julie asks him about it.  (Julie:  Any hard feelings?  Frank:  Absolutely hard feelings!)

He finishes great with Julie and it feels warm and supportive as she holds his hand in a kind of handshake.

Who will win HOH?

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