Thursday, September 13, 2012

Live Show Update #1 #BB14

Julie Chen has long wavy tresses tonight but some thing new going on with the top of her hair.

Danielle is wearing glasses and a blue dress and looks nice.  Dan is wearing his Red St. Mary's T-shirt.  Ian and Shane have on dress shirts.

The preview showed us Frank yelling and Britney in the Jury House.  I can't wait.

After Jenn leaves everyone quacks.  Ian says it is clearly two teams now...the Couple and the Renegades.  Dan is laying mad mist on Danielle and on us, too, in the DR.  He tells her to nominate him and Ian, and how he will use this to screw Shane.

Only Shane's key comes out of the box.

The crowd goes wild before commercial.  Live tweets on screen from BB10 Libra and Memphis.  Jury house up next...

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  1. Whoever does Julie Chen's make-up should be fired. (Wil was spot on about it in his parody.)


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