Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live Finale Update #8 #BB14

Now Julie will pull the keys.  Four votes to win.

Dan - Danielle

Ian - Shane, Jenn, Joe, Frank

Dan knows he lost after Julie reads Jenn's vote and shakes Ian's hand.  Joe votes for Ian and they shake again..  Frank votes for Ian and there is no need for Ashley's vote.  Ian hugs Dan and heads outside, throwing his hands up.

Confetti.  Hugs from his family.  It is crazy. Someone picks up Ian.  Dan hugs them too.  Now Britney runs up and hugs Ian and for some reason nearly pins him back into the building.  Britney is wearing heavy beige tights with her skating dress, like a Jane Fonda video.  Ian walks down the steps with the house guests and everyone claps.  Now Jodi is in the group.  I guess she was cordoned off somewhere.

America's choice is next.

Julie says Ashley and Britney voted for Ian as well. Ian says this is the best moment of his life.  As he says this, Jodi is on camera right behind him somehow.  Yes, Jodi.

Frank won America's Choice, son! Mike Boogie is cheering and Frank beams.  Danielle and Shane clap stonefaced, staring straight ahead.  Kara chats with Julie Chen. Janelle smiles and claps.

The Final Three will go on The Talk tomorrow. Ian pats his heart, fluttering.

Dan chats with Julie and Ian goes over and hugs Frank.  Now Ian hugs Mike and it is a strong hug.  Shane and Danielle whisper and hug.  Ian is hugging everyone.

Wow that is all.  What a great finale.


  1. Wow. I haven't seen a jury this bitter since season 3. Dan deserved to win, hands down.

  2. Jodi was sitting with Janelle, Wil, JoJo and Boogie but she and JoJo didn't get a chance to talk at all.

    1. Indeed. I'm disappointed we didn't get to hear a few words from Jojo and Jodi. They should have timed the 90 minutes to make sure there was a couple of minutes for that.

      Not very nice, really.

      The finale is always too short. An extra half an hour of discussion would have been very enjoyable.

  3. Kara also didn't get to speak.

  4. And how come BB After Dark isn't on for one more night to show all of the post-finale interviews and stuff? It is so disappointing to just cut it off there with so many unanswered questions and reunions which would be fun to watch.

    I'm already going through withdrawals. The first night in more than 2 months with no After Dark. :-(

  5. Thanks for feeding us all summer! Great, great job!


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