Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live Finale Update #7 #BB14

Now we see the non-Jury players, seated across from the Jury.  I'm just taking it in.  Julie says that the Final Two can hear them.  They all say hi.

Janelle goes first.  The main thing that surprised her "besides Danielle's lies" was watching Dan play.  It was amazing to watch.  Dan calls out that he loves her.  If he doesn't win it is an absolute travesty, Janelle says.  Danielle nodded when Janelle called her a liar, but was remarkably calm.

Julie asks Frank about Dan.  Dan was always one of his favorites.  He played a scavenger game this year that Frank doesn't really respect.

Julie calls on Mike Boogie.  He thinks Dan was amazing but he does have a lot of respect for the journey that Ian went on this year.  Ian thanks him and it is a nice moment.  Big round of applause.

Shane asks Danielle if she knew he was leaving.  She swears she had no idea.  Dan chimes in and confirms this---Danielle had no idea.  Shane wonders how he can swear on his wife and his wedding ring? Dan would play physical like Shane if he could, and was not as popular as Shane.  It was Dan's only choice.

Now Wil speaks, with a french braid across his head. He imitates Joe and says to take responsibility for falling for the lies.

Julie brings up America's Favorite House Guest.  I just noticed that Jodi is not there.  She is not on stage.  Not included.

Jeff and Jordan are there.  I think Jeff may be doing backyard interviews.

The energy is crazy in there.  The winners of both are up next.

I think Ian got the votes.  I'd be surprised if he didn't.  Lots of anger towards Dan.


  1. I hope that Dan wins because he is the one who actually played the game.

  2. I am glad Dan didn't win. Yay for little Ian! Hope Frank get's America's vote.

  3. woooooooooooooooo FRANK!!! YAY FOR HIM!!! I hope they bring him back again. Also would love to see more of Wil!

  4. I'm so glad somebody finally called Danielle out on all her crazy unnecessary lies! My favorite moment ever! Hopefully there's more comments like that to come!

  5. Jodi was there, next to Wil.

  6. I guess I missed seeing Jodi. I will watch the Finale again so I can enjoy it. It's hard to watch and type sometimes.

    Plus, I like to party on live show nights.


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