Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live Finale Update #5 #BB14

Now the Jury arrives in studio.  What the fuck is Britney wearing?  Looks like an ice skating dress.  Shane in his weird jeans, right there in the front row.

Audio problems.  Ashley looks chunky for sure.  Britney hopes Danielle just got evicted.  Frank hopes it is Dan, but he doesn't think it will be.

Here comes Danielle, and they all clap.  Shane stands up and goes over for a big hug.  They are separated by Jenn in the chairs.

Now the Jury will question them.

Ashley is first.  She wants to know about his decisions.  Forming the Quack Pack was his decision.  Dan shakes his head and interrupts.  He totally disagrees but Julie shushes him.  He'll get his turn.

Frank asks a bitter question about swearing on the Bible.  Dan was up to his elbows in blood and had to go to confession anyway.  Frank laughs.

Jenn asks Ian about being a snitch.  Dan wags his head and Ian's answer.  I think Dan's agressiveness will shock Ian.

Joe wants to know what blood?  He was only HoH once.  Now Dan tells them he stabbed Shane's back, and Franks, and Britney.  It was his only option.  They were tough competitiors.

Britney asks why Ian should win over Dan.  Ian repeats the same thing he said before about choosing his destiny.  Dan is grinning, about to eat Ian's lunch. Ian says Dan is a backstaber.

Shane has a problem finding his card.  Then he calls Dan Satan, and asks why deserves to win.  Dan tells him that they were already in an alliance, and Britney brought Ian up on a leash to join the group.  She ran Ian and his decisions and he won't admit it.

Danielle asks Ian.  Did he know that Dan had a Final Two deal with me?  Ian was not aware.  Dan laughs.  Ian said he had his grandfather's gold necklace as collateral. Danielle's mouth drops when she hears that.  Dan tells Ian that he would have taken Danielle, because she was his player and he would never turn his back on her.

Ian is pissed.  Really?  You really were?

They pace.  Ian is flustered.  Father Dan is on fire.


  1. Sorry, FeedWatcher, but that could have been the exact moment Dan lost BB14. The audience erupted at Ian's mention of the necklace like they were at a movie where the so-called "good guy" was unmasked as a smarmy piece of dung. Which is what Dan was revealed to be.

  2. Feedwatcher watches a different show as everyone else, this was just more realtime evidence.


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