Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live Finale Update #4 #BB14

Danielle's family--her mother, sister and brother are clapping.  Her mom is beautiful, nervous.

Now Ian must choose.  Dan and Danielle are sitting in the chairs.

Ian stands.  He is ready.  He is physically ill to evict a Quack Packer.

Danielle is gone.  She stands and is calm, grimly hugging both.  She hugs Dan again and tells her to use her Southern charm out there.

Now she's out and smiling, strutting to meet Julie.  Dan and Ian are doing the Renegade shake, pacing and talking about the questions.  Danielle gets his collateral necklace back and puts it on.

Danielle is with Julie.  Her make up is flawless.  She knows how to do it for the cameras.  A pageant girl.  So far so good with her comments.  Ian told her that he could never win against her.  She says he might be right, but she thinks Dan may have thrown the questions.

She's going to meet with the Jury now.  She did a good job with Julie.  Her family claps and leans over so she can see them. 

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