Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live Finale Update #3 #BB14

Dan's family is clapping.  Chelsea is gorgeous, and with Dan's father.

Now the Final HoH, back to the living room.  No screwing around here.  Down to business.

Dan and Ian are separated in booths.  Dan with a confident posture and smiling.  Ian looking down and focused.  Danielle off to the side, twitching her foot.

Six questions.  Which houseguest said this?  There are videos of the Jury members saying different random things.  Dan and Ian must guess how they would finish their sentences.

#1  Both get point.

#2  Both get point.

#3  Ian got a point.  Ian dips his head down.

#4  Ian got a point.  In the lead by two.

#5  Ian wins.

The crowd cheers.  Dan hugs him and Danielle bobs her head.  Dan goes over and gives her a quick hug, just one shoulder. 

Ian didn't celebrate. He is focused.  Pacing.  His Big Choice will air next.

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