Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live Finale Update #2 #BB14

HOH Comp #2

The backyard looks like a NYC street corner.  Fantastic set.  Really.  They scale up a thirteen story building, on harnesses.

Danielle goes first.  She's "washing" the windows of the building, looking for tiles with pictures.

Ian goes next.  He says he climbed a cargo net in middle school that prepared him for it.  He's done.  He had a strategy that worked.

Now Dan is there, in a park setting.  Danielle's time was 7:31.  Ian's was 6:04.  Ian wins.

They go inside and Danielle starts a fight with Ian as planned.  Ian is totally snowed by her act.

Now the jury files into a seating area to film a discussion.  Ashley toddles out on high platforms. Now Britney, Joe,  Jenn and Frank.  Now Shane is there and he tells them it was a bad blindside.  Shane's bangs are like a shelf tonight.  Shane thinks Danielle might have been in on it.  He admits he got played.

Frank runs the meeting.  That's an honor, actually. He asks their thoughts about Ian.  Jenn says he's been a rat the whole game, the whole time.  Where she's from, rats eat cheese.  (WTF?)  Britney says that Danielle didn't really game that hard, but she played Dan's game.

Jenn points out that Danielle got Janelle out, and she's won when she needed too.  Frank changes the topic to Dan. Jenn says Dan was sending people out in body bags, and she likes that kind of game.   (Love that analogy.)

Joe has a life manual, and some of that was violated by Dan with his actions and lies.  Frank agrees, nodding.  Jenn says what's the difference --everybody told lies.

Joe:  If Dan and Judas were in the final two, Dan might get my vote.

Frank guffaws.  Britney says that they have a lot left to learn, and they should wait until they speak to them on Finale night.  Shane wants to hear what they have to say, too.

We see Dan and Ian, waiting in booths.  Dan smirking, Ian rocking.  HoH up next.

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