Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live Finale Update #1 #BB14

Julie sports a purple dress with a long wavy side pony.  Danielle in a red dress, with a nervous foot, alone on one side of the couch.  Ian in his blue button down.  Dan in a dark jacket and shirt.  Nervous chatter.

I didn't recognize anyone in the audience yet.  No parents identified yet.

Part #1 of the HOH again.  Dan made a deal for Ian to drop.  He told Danielle, to gain her trust.  Dan works the mad mist to get her to drop, too.  She argues. Dan is demonic looking as he stares at her in the rain.  The next time they dunk, Danielle slips off. 

It's over and she makes sense of it somehow.

Up next, the HoH Part #2, and a visit with Shane and the Jury.  Ian's parents clap, his dad is cheering too.  Very happy Terrys.

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