Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just Write Dan the Check Now... #BB14

and go ahead and bookmark his damned website.  He and Danielle are whispering and gloating.  I think Danielle has talked Shane into not using the POV.  Dan compares her to a Venus Flytrap, saying that she "lures men in with her nector and then SNAP".

She giggles and he says he will take credit for teaching her that.  I would think that indicates that they both plan to vote Shane out, right?  Why else would that be significant?  I guess they could just be happy to avoid going up on the block.

Ian rocks in his hammock outside, and Jenn lays on her stomach, trying to make the hunger go away.

They chat with Shane in the bathroom.  Dan needs to put in his contacts.  Look at how his fingers are all taped up.  That competition was a tough one.

Shane's voice is gravelly.  He's going to work out and then take a shower later.  Dani just plans to shave her legs now, then go outside and lay out.  She's scared to look at her back.  (I saw it last night and there was a HUGE strawberry-like abrasion on the left side of her back, above the shoulder blade.

Dan moves some things around in his room, sorting his shirts and such.

Shane goes outside to start warming up, stretching and moving across the yard. 

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