Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Julie Chen Wonders, Is It Ever Okay to Lie? #BB14

Julie welcomed Lynette Rice from Entertainment Weekly on The Talk this morning to discuss Dan's performance on Big Brother 14, and the way he has dominated the show by lying his pants off.  Lynette mispronounced Dan's last name as "Gheering", but says she thought he was boring on BB10 but is pulling for him this year due to his superior lying skills.

I thought all of the Final Three appeared live on The Talk today, but I guess I thought wrong.  If I find where they did appear I will report on it.  We know they got dressed up this morning to do something...

You can watch it for yourself at this link.  The segment about Dan's filthy lies starts at the 11:00 mark.  (I seem like I'm mad at Dan, but I'm not.  I don't want anybody but Dan to win the big prize at this point.  After what he's been through, and what he's done, he deserves it.)


  1. I'll bet Ian Terry wins the game AND gets the America's Choice award.

  2. For the poster above, whoever the two are in F2 cannot win America's Choice. They can't win two prizes.


    Whether in BB10 or BB14, Dan was not boring. He's only boring if you don't follow his antics. So, clearly, Lynette Rice is just another writer spouting opinions about something she knows little about. Maybe she just watches the poorly edited TV show.

    Dan has played the game as it should be played. While other houseguests sit around, exercise, enjoy, or bide their time in the house, Dan never stops playing the game. He never loses sight of the game or it's prize.

    While other houseguests think they've made shrewd deals, or sit with one another to bash their foes, they end up wasting crucial time, or they lose opportunities to advance further in the game.

    Dan remains focused and clinical. He listens and asks questions, which gains him critical information of how to proceed further. He plants little seeds of doubt or an idea, and then lets the person believe it's their own idea. Dan just sits back and watches.

    I've cringed at a few things he has said or done this season, but it's worked for him, and if I were on the jury, he'd have my vote.

    If he's not a part of the F2, then my vote is for Ian.

    Hopefully, Danielle won't be in the F2. I never did care for her, but she totally lost me during her bitter & nasty Week 4 HOH. She behaved shamefully with her lying about Janelle.

  3. Are we sure that someone in the Final 2 can't win America's Choice? It *has* happened on Survivor, and each of the Final 3 are among America's choices. Are they really going to give the prize to the second or third runner up if that person is in the Final 2?

    That would *not* be America's Choice, though it may be in the rules of BB... I don't know.


    Agreed on Danielle. In some ways I feel sorry for her, but I was also offended by some of her lies and behaviors more than those of others.

  4. I'm actually not sure about that, either. It hasn't happened on Big Brother, but I think it could.

    I hope it doesn't, though.


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