Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jenn Styled Shane, Too #BB14

She saw the shirt that Dan ironed for him and went outside to help him put together the rest of his outfit. 

 (Thank god, right?)

She held up the shirt to his jeans, and asked him if he had any skinnier jeans with him.  He didn't.  She ponders it, and says let's figure out what shoes you're going to wear.  He is wearing those bright white K-Swiss kicks that Britney made fun of.  Shane says that he doesn't have any other shoes, but Dan has a pair of dress shoes that might work.

Jenn:  Let's go take a look at those..

They go inside and Shane tries them on.  Jenn likes the way they contrast with the gray jeans.  Dan says it is fine with him if Shane wears them.  Shane will just roll down his athletic socks.  Dan says why don't you wear a pair of his dress socks? 

Jenn goes over to Dan's sock drawer with him and they select a gray pair of socks.   They have less than 30 minutes left.  I guess Shane is not going to shave.  Looks like he is trimming instead.  Dan keeps singing love ballads, teasing Danielle and making her mad, so we get FISH.

Ian sits outside, mumbling and rocking.  Dan, always the nosy horndog, asks Jenn if it is true that JoJo "goes on both sides of the street".

Jenn:  Yeah.  I thought that was common knowledge!

Dan:  Not to me.

I hope Jenn doesn't let Shane put on those "puka beads".  Dan is telling them that they will show them putting on blindfolds in the DR.  I think Dan was telling Shane to be sure and save the blindfold so he can keep it, but we got FISH and he was interrupted.

Danielle is nervous about leaving the house.  Dan teases her about holding hands with Shane tonight.  Danielle asks Jenn to help her with an intervention---she's really nervous.

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