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Jeff Visits Jenn City #BB14

Wow, another EPIC FAIL for the CBS website.  Jeff's interview with Jenn isn't even linked there!  WTF?  I'm sure it is there somewhere, but do they really want us to have to look so hard for it?  Maybe they don't really want us to see it.

Don't bother fixing it CBS.  It's a little late now.


Thankfully Jeff tweeted a link to find the damn thing.

OK.  Enough about that.  Jeff sat down with Jenn Arroyo the day after her eviction on Wednesday.  Jenn is in great spirits and is thrilled that Jeff called her Jenn City.  Jenn says "that works for her".


Jeff's shirt is nice today.  I like it.

Jenn says the surprise eviction was tough on her and Jeff agrees that this was a crazy week on Big Brother.  First of all, Jeff wants to know if Jenn is okay--she had been on slop for a few weeks and the fans wonder how she is feeling.

She says she is fine. She thought taking slop for the summer would be a respected game move, so she wanted to show the fans she was there to play the game.  On the third or fourth day she kind of hit a low point, and was very tired, but then she got into a rhythm with it and it got better.

Jeff gives her The Rock for taking the slop and said she "kept it classy" and didn't complain about it.   Jenn says they had Chef Joe around to be creative and he made a "mustard-based slop burger that she liked", and she mentions that she made slop cookies, slop tater tots, and fried them up and they were pretty good.  She used a lot of taco seasoning, too, and tells us that slop tastes like "very bland oatmeal."

 Jeff mentioned that Joe told him he left some slop mixes for her and she says the key to it is making it look different on the plate.  She also learned to go work out when everybody else was sitting and eating, to make it easier on her.

Jeff explains to those of us who don't know that there is a list of condiments that you can use on the slop diet, and it is all about being creative with those items.  Jenn was on slop for 17 or 18 days --the longest Jeff has gone was 8 days.  She just had to stay focused on the prize and Jeff says she "did what she had to do".

(Jeff was on slop for one week, but had a day added to his sentence because he forgot and drank from a bottle of GatorAde.)

As you saw on Wednesday's live show, Jenn is very poised on camera and speaks easily off-the-cuff.  I guess her stage and DJ experience provide good media training and she is no stranger to the cameras.
Jeff wants to know if she's been eating any good food and she mentions the PB & J sandwich Julie handed her on the TV show.  She was so excited to eat it and laughs about digging into it right there in front of Julie.   Jeff asks if it was creamy or crunchy.

Jenn:  It was creamy.  But creamy...crunchy..whatever!  I wanted to wear it on my face I was so happy to have it!

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Now Jeff is ready to talk about the game, and he has fan questions on his little tablet.

Q:  Jeff has a hard time spitting this out, but he wants to know why Jenn didn't rat Dan out to Ian.

Jenn said she did try to tell Ian twice.  She tried to tell him that she wasn't coming after him, but tried to let him know what Dan was up to.  Jenn says she would have evicted Ian if she could later, due to how tough he would be in the mental competitions.  She also wanted to evict Shane, and mentions Dan asking her during the live double eviction if "she was ready to get rid of Boy Toy".  Jeff giggles at that.

Jenn was so mad when Dan put Danielle up instead of Shane, she "wanted to wring his neck right there on live TV".

Jeff:  You shoulda!

Jenn goes through all of Dan's stories, and everybody's stories, and Jeff is confused.

Q:  What do you think of Dan's funeral?

She was immediately skeptical.  Britney was trying to hand her tissues and she said she would save them for later, in case she had to sneeze or something.  She knew Dan was cooking up something in that 24 Hour Disco Room, and was trying to make it seem like he had friction with Danielle.  After Danielle was nominated she was crying, and Jenn took her in the bedroom and asked her if she had anything she wanted to tell her now.  Danielle stopped crying immediately and said that Dan thought she threw the POV.

Jenn knew then that Danielle was probably hiding something, and may have been "a good little actress".

(Jenn has enough audience savvy to explain that they called the Sneaker Room Skid Row---many times the house guests have their own little language and assume that everyone understands it.)

Q:  What was your biggest move in the game?

Jenn says her biggest move was being stoic and using that POV to save Dan.  She lost the people she did trust in the house, so she had to trust someone.  Jenn points out he did use his POV to save her, too.  She says he is the most dangerous person in the game, and she was trying to align with him because they "had completed a circle of trust".

Jeff asks about that circle of trust now and they both laugh.  Jenn doesn't regret doing what she did, but wanted to make some sort of move to make it pay out.  She was really close with Danielle in the house.  Jenn said she "let the Beast run free" in the house.

Jenn makes the little BB theme sound and Jeff laughs and says she loves that song.  She says it was the only thing she could sing.

Q:  What will you miss about the house?

Jenn loved the hot tub and may buy one for her backyard in Brooklyn.  She also liked not having to shop for groceries every week.  She says it was hard to share the bathroom with so many people but she kept busy cutting hair and "had a lot of hair appointments every Thursday and was a busy girl".   Jeff reminds her how many people were in the house at the beginning and Jenn said it was amazing how crowded the house was.

Q:  Speaking of things you will miss, what about Shane's Puka Shells?

Jenn cracks up:  311 called!  They want their puka shells back!

 Jeff is glad that someone else gets that---he tells her some of the house guests didn't understand that question.  She describes for us what the puka shells are, and says that she remembers them being hot in '91 or '92, and that 311 wore them in the "Down" video.

Jenn:  I don't know if  you know this, but I helped him dress before he left the house last week...I saw what he was wearing and I was like, no...

(We saw that Jenn!  Here it is..)

Now Jeff wants to crack on Shane some more.

Jeff:  But what about his whole manscaping routine?

Jenn:  He was very serious about it!  I would hear him sneezing and coughing in the bathroom and he would be in there plucking his nose hairs, and always Nairing his chest....he was very dedicated!

Jeff laughs and says that some house guests (Britney) had trouble with the white K-Swiss shoes and Jenn piles on with that, saying that she doesn't know what era some of his jeans were from.

(I can't wait to hear Jeff talk to Shane himself about all of this....whew.)

Jeff says enough with Shane and is ready to move on.  Does Jenn have any regrets?  She says she doesn't, but she might have made some different alliances in the house.

Jeff:  You played it quiet.  I wish I could do that..but you have the personality for that.

Jenn:  Thanks for that.  I didn't want to tell them too much about me..that I was in a platinum selling band..

Jeff:  You're a rock star!

Jeff imitates bass playing and then asks her if he just embarrassed himself----maybe he should be wearing puka shells while he does that.  Jenn laughs and says no he looked cool!

Looking back at it, she wishes she had aligned with Dan earlier in the game, and also Danielle and Britney.  She liked Wil, but mentions his "porcupine mouth and lies" as a liability in the game.  She liked Britney and thought she played a great social game.

The video for this is all screwed up.  Several times the video has skipped ahead about 15 seconds or so, and now it looks like this.  (WTF CBS?)

They talk about how great Wil's hair was..if either of them were awarding the prize based on hair, Wil would have to get the money.  Jenn says when she first got in the house, she looked around and thought they were such a motley crew of people.

Jeff thought Mike Boogie picked a good team with a wide range of players.  Jenn says how awkward Ian was in the beginning, he "sweated up his whole side of the bed" the first night and was pacing all of the time.

Jenn:  And he spent a little too much time in the bathroom, watching the ladies....

She mentions him putting that duck on his head for the first nomination ceremony, and then hanging the duck off his key as being very disrespectful of everyone else.

Q:  Who was the most annoying person in the house?

Jenn thinks for a moment, and then says it was Danielle looking in the mirror all of the time.  Jenn says she'd be talking to you, and then would look in the mirror 5 seconds later.  Jeff has a buddy who does that too.  She also mentions Ian looking at himself all of the time, and talking about himself constantly.

Jenn:  He would say, I had the line of the season when I said Get to Steppin', but someone else had that line...he just reused it!

They agree that everyone cast on Big Brother is a little offbeat, and everyone has their little personality quirks and issues.

Q:  Who do you think will be out next?

Jenn thinks it will be Dan or Danielle, and says the Jury is going to have it out for Dan, big time. She thinks that if Ian and Dan can make it through the next eviction, either of them has a good chance to win.

Q:  Will you write a song about this?

Jenn says that process has already started.  She will have a guitar at the Jury House and she has already started working on a new tune.  She has a new album coming out in a few weeks---she just needs to get home and finish her vocals and guitar.  It is called Out for Blood and the band is called Jenn City.  It's a solo album but she has a back up band.

She used to be the DJ at the "famous Lamours club in Brooklyn".  The A/C was out one night and everyone was sweating and the owner of the club called her Jenn City that night, saying she looked like a wilted flower, and the name just stuck after that.  She says everyone in the house kept saying stuff like "Competition City", "Fart City", and so forth.  Jeff tries to get her to give her a line from the new song or something, but she says sorry we will have to wait.

Q:  What was your favorite challenge?

She liked the OTEV challenge.  It was exciting and so random to find the right ear of corn and she liked getting back up that hill.  Jeff says the feature of crawling under the fence in the syrup was new.
Jenn says that stuff was outside for quite some time and the syrup was very hot.  Jeff says he burnt his back rolling down the OTEV hills and agrees that everything is scorching.

Q:  How many tattoos do you have?

Jenn says she has 42  (is that all?)  She says she has "some you can see, and some you can't" and then does her little BB theme song, laughing.

Jeff says his niece Macy is only 4 years old, but she loves leopards so Jenn is her favorite on the show.  When Jenn got evicted Macy started crying.  Jenn addresses Macy and says she and "all of the leopards of the world are all right and she sends her a big hug and kiss".  Jeff thanks her for that.

Q:  What is your favorite memory of the house?

Jenn remembers a lazy Sunday where everybody was outside and they were all getting along and chilling.  Everybody was just enjoying everybody's company. 

Jenn just got a random email one day about BB.  She never dreamed she could go this long without her phone, without her guitar, without her friends and music.  Jeff adds no food, too, and Jenn laughs.  She has so much respect for the game now and mentions how great it was to see her mom on the Skype video.  She is a cancer survivor and Jenn saw she has put on weight and it meant to much to see her.

Jenn tells us being in that house is a trip, and we can all be big fans but we can't imagine what it is like in there.  Jeff assures her that she has nothing to be ashamed of, and her family and friends can be proud of her.  He says she kept it classy.  (She did.)

Jenn thanks him and says he is one of her favorite players too.  Jeff says he didn't keep it quite as classy as she did, but he tried.  Jeff wants to know if she would ever go back in.  Jenn says she is "absolutely, positively going to consider it".  Jeff says the game is kind of addictive like that.

Jeff thanks her and says he is sorry that she "didn't get to burn the house down".  Jenn says if she ever returns, she will do that and blows us all a big kiss and says "much love".

I have to say that Jeff is becoming a real pro at this.  And I really like Jenn, and who she is.  She got a bad rap from the fans for not doing anything in the house, but in the end she wasn't afraid to put herself out there.  She is going to get recognized like crazy out there.  Maybe she can get cast on The Real L Word?   I'm sure she is rocking out right now in the Jury House.

Here is the secret link to watch this for yourself.


  1. I remember when Jeff took that sip of Gatorade. BB didn't say or do anything to Jeff until Gnat went into the Diary Room and tattle-tailed on the poor guy.

    She tattle-tailed another time, but I don't know who or what the infraction might have been.

  2. Too bad she wasn't in the house with Enzo the Cheese-Eating Penguin huh?


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