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Jeff Schroeder Meets Britney #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down with Britney Haynes the day after her eviction from the Big Brother house last Thursday.  Note that because Britney is part of the Jury, Jeff has to be careful about what he says to her.  She shouldn't learn any new information from him about anything that she doesn't already know.

Britney "starts being Britney" right away, which prevents Jeff from starting the interview.  She started smirking when he was doing the show intro, and told him she thought his intro was funny.  It comes off snotty and condescending, in my opinion, but hey that's Britney Haynes.  She repeats the phrase "Clownshoe" to him twice, and Jeff lets us know that she mentioned it before they started taping, also.

Jeff tries to move it along by saying yes, "I got out on a Clownshoe, but this interview is about you, Britney!"

Jeff:  We have a lot in common, we've both played this game twice, and never won it!  And we were both Fan Favorites!

They cheer about that.

Britney:  OK, we're connected now.

Jeff:  Should we kiss?

Britney:  I don't that appropriate?

Jeff:  Not if you're married....and I have a girlfriend Britney!

Britney  Yeah, not appropriate.  Still a girlfriend?  After 55 days?  I went in the house 55 days ago, and Jordan's still your girlfriend?

Jeff tells her that they've moved in together in LA and she asks him how it's going, how is his driving...Jeff had to cut her off so they could start the interview.  He tells her that he has questions from the fans.

Q:  Why did you give up this week?

A.  It may seem that way, but I spent all day on Thursday trying to get in Dan's head, in Shane's head.  They let me know there was no chance.  Sometimes it doesn't matter what you say or do...

Q  Did you think you had any chance?

A:  Thursday morning I thought I had about 50 good points, but Dan wasn't having any part of my antics.

Q:  Who voted to keep you?

A:  Ian, obviously.

She tells Jeff she wasn't expecting more votes, so the 4-1 result didn't surprise her.  He tells her she looked pretty on the show like she wasn't ready to compete.  He references how he was evicted all sweaty in a tank top last year.  She said she had shorts on under her dress so if there was an upset she was ready to go quickly.

Jeff:  See that?  We're cracking news right there!

Britney:  Breaking news...I had shorts on under my dress!

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Q:  Who do you think is the most underestimated player?

A:  Probably Danielle.  She's been a pawn before and people think of her like that.  She has a good social game and she's working people well in there.

Jeff wonders if she is strong physically and Britney says yes, but she has to get rid of Dan first and that's going to be tough.  Jeff says he enjoyed her scene when she was "punking everybody out" and says that many fans wanted her to do that on today's show.

Britney picks Joe as her target and asks Jeff to start things off by saying something so she can one-up it.

Jeff:  My dad was in charge of finding Saturn.

Britney:  Well my dad was an Elvis impersonator and had the whole garb and a sold out tour.  And he discovered Pluto!

She tells Jeff the story about Joe's neighbor's dog eating a broomstick and getting in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Jeff thinks she is funny and is enjoying this.  He's doing a good job of winding her up.  (Remember, he had to interview Ashley last week...)

Q:  Will you ever talk to Danielle when this season is over?

A:  Yes, why wouldn't I?  I mean, I don't have any dreams about rolln' the RV into Alabama and her being there for the birth of my children, but we'll be friends, yes.  At the very least a Merry Christmas text!

Jeff explained to her that the question refers to when you think you'll be friends with someone but then you get back to your real life and that doesn't happen.  He covered it well, but Britney is pretty smart....I think she will think about that question later and what it may have meant about Danielle.  It was actually kind of revealing, for such a simple question.

Q:  Do you think you should have worked with the Coaches after the reset?

A:  That would never happen, because Mike and Janelle hated each other.  Janelle would have done it, but Mike hated her and he wanted her out.

Britney really wanted to roll with Janelle in Week #1 but then Janelle "jumped ship to Frank's side" and then Danielle got close to Shane so that led to the Quack Pack.  She says the Silent Six was a real alliance, but it fizzled out after everyone wanted Frank out.  Everyone knew how hard it would be to get him out of the house at the end of the game, so they knew they had to remove him from the game.  He was a powerhouse competitor.   Shane was a good competitor, too, but he doesn't do as well in the mental-type competitions.

Britney thinks Shane has a better social game, because Frank is too loud and boisterous and has a huge ego about himself.  He always talks about his game and Shane doesn't "peacock" like Frank did.

Q:  What do you think of your performance as a Coach?

A:  I had a rough time as a coach. She mentions Willie but then gives herself a "C" for making it to the reset.

Jeff thinks she did better than that because she outlasted two other coaches so she decides on a B+.  (Wouldn't Mike be the best Coach?  His entire team is still in the game....)  Jeff thinks Willie seems like another season.  Britney says that they had to hear Joe talk about it every day and by now Willie had horns and a devil's tail.

Jeff asked Britney about Shane's style, and he mentioned the "puka beads".

Britney:  Oh my god...the shell neckace?  Is that what you're talking about?  I hadn't seen one since the 7th grade!  I was like, did you just walk out of Hollister?

 Britney's just getting warmed up about Shane:

Britney:  Did you get a load of those bright white K-Swissers?  He is full blown 2002.  The cargo shorts, the shell necklace, the Abercrombie spray...

Jeff:  He does not wear Abercrombie spray....

Britney:  It's something...maybe Curve!

Jeff, laughing:  I heard about those shoes, but I'm going to have to look for those in the episodes.

He tells her that he asked the other house guests about the puka beads but nobody knew what he was talking about.  He explains it has been a recurring theme so he had to ask Shane's Coach about it.  Britney wants someone to "tweet a pic" of him with the puka beads and the shoes.  Jeff hates to be mean to Shane but he wanted to bring it up.

Q:  Who do you think burned you the worst, the Brigade or the Quack Pack?

A:  The Brigade, because it felt more personal.  I was shocked at that, but I knew Dan was sneaky and up to something.

Jeff asked her if she expected Jenn to use the veto?  She said no, that was a big surprise and she described how weird Dan was acting when he came out of the solitary confinement, and then the funeral, it was all so bizarre that she felt like something was going on.  But the Brigade was still worse than that.  She mentions Dan's "mist" that he sprays all over and Jeff says the Force is strong with Dan.

Jeff jokes that he "doesn't read so good".

 Q: Are you still close with the Brigade?

A:  She says yes, and then says that maybe Matt is not really the Brigade but she is friendly with all of them.

Jeff apologizes to her for the time in BB12 when he and Jordan visited the BB house to host a competition.  He knows he called her the wrong name and he's sorry.  (ha ha ha)

Britney:  Oh, that's okay.  You were getting bowling balls thrown at you...I understand.

(Brendon threw a tantrum when he didn't win and threw a ball that almost hit Jeff.  Jeff joked on camera about BB's insurance coverage.)

Q: Who would you like to see make it to the end?

A:  She would like to see Ian or Danielle make it to one of those final seats, and thinks they both have a chance to win.  She also says that because Dan beat her, she would like to see him win because it makes her look better, that someone who won BB twice was responsible for her leaving.  She would not like to see anybody else win. She corrects herself and says it would be okay for Shane to win, too.

If Shane wins she will put on puka beads, then some Doc Martens and Curve and call it a day.

Q:  Which season did you like playing better?

A:  She says BB12 was just like summer camp.  She ate, slept, chatted and talked trash compared to BB14, where the competition was fierce and nothing was easy.  She said someone could ask someone for toothpaste, and then everyone would accuse them of scheming.

Britney thinks that Frank might be the next person in the Jury, or Jenn if Frank doesn't win a competition.

Q:  Would you ever do BB again?

A:  Never say never, Justin Beiber said it best.

Jeff says he said the same thing to Julie Chen when he left the house.  Jeff says they both have good jokes and that America enjoys her wisecracks.

Q:  What was your best and worst memories of the BB14 house?

A  She liked when Shane won the POV and she jumped in the guacamole.  Things were easy and fun back.  The worst moment was when she got put on the block, and the giant carrot said "pop a squat".  She didn't need his condescending remarks.  She mentions how Frank told everyone to stop being to mean to Mike when he was on the block, but then jeered at her when she was on the block.

Jeff mentions her good bye message to Boogie and how she zinged him.  Britney says she didn't even get to see Frank's good bye message and they really didn't have a great relationship at all.

Jeff has a question from Zachary Nicholas.  Britney says that is her biggest fan!  And he is probably so upset that she left but she says everything is okay.  She says hello to him and that she "snagged him a piece of BB memorobilia".  Jeff wants to know how she knows him and she says from Twitter.

Britney is looking forward to going home and seeing her husband, and is "focused on her fertility".  Jeff says she is so funny, and she should think about getting into comedy, or entertainment.

Jeff says that Britney got the best of him in this interview, but it "won't be like that on the outside".

You can enjoy this fast paced interview at this link.

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